Here is my portfolio what you guys think?

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  • @Mr-Richard-T when you say dropping rapidly, do you mean down the last 2 days? As looking at your port there’s not much wrong with it, those in the red (exclude Pogba can’t be arsed with that debate again) will all rise when football returns.

  • @Sav2000 maybe a slight exaggeration on rapidly maybe like 20 quid over last 2 days or something like that

  • @Mr-Richard-T mate I’m down £40 the last 2 days not going to sweet it, it’s the listing after DB has been paid; it will settle and increase over time.

    Felt the same as you in December and shit myself when I was down but I held tight listened to the people on here (the ones not telling me to sell x and y and invest in their suggestions) and low and behold I’m up 20% on that time now.

    I’m sure @johnboywalker @MickTurbo @Vespasian32 et al will comment at some point and that their input will give you more confidence

  • @Sav2000 That's exactly my thoughts it's the aftermath of the deposit bonus which is causing this little dip, which from reading previously was expected but like you said im sure it will settle and increase over time.

    but yeah since new years day been going great so far i think lol

  • The drop (and your profit) doesn't crystallise until you sell. There is no IS and no order books so dips now are purely shares listed for sale. If they get delisted or market sold you are back in 'profit'. But profit is only realised if you sell.

    Sit tight...looks like you have some strong shares. Personal preference but I don't like having less than 100 shares in a player, to make dividends feel more worthwhile but it depends on #players / how diversified you want to be.

    Views from someone who hasnt been on much longer than you 🤓

  • @Mr-Richard-T I hold only a couple of those players. Have trackers in a few or just a very small number of shares where I've started to put some divs into them but the best I can say without going through everybody's charts are that a significant amount of your drops will be in pogba and Kane, I know this cos I have big holds in them both so am aware that they are dropping.

    Kane is dropping for 2 reasons. 1 - sentiment is that he probably wont go to Utd. 2 - having smashed the divs hes gone a bit quiet for the last 4-5 days. I cant say with any confidence that he will get a transfer, but I will say with a fair bit of confidence that he'll be back amongst the divs pretty soon

    With Pogba I'm not so sure about the drop. He has won some MB but not quite the amount I was hoping for recently. Likely to come good though. But the thing that i find a bit strange is that sentiment seems to be increasingly that he will stay, which i would have expected to cause a significant rise. I'm worried about neither though.

    If I held Sancho I'd personally be listing him. But that said, I'd have probably listed at £9 so maybe I'm not the one to comment on him, but my personal feeling is that theres a serious amount of Utd money in him so he needs that transfer to happen. If it does happen, then being 20 and english, at Utd, and potentially one of the very best in the world, hes obviously got a tremendous amount going for him, but I'd call him high risk.

    You've got Rashford and EBH there who have both rocketed, you've got Grealish and Maddo, 2 more with Utd money in them and you've got almost nothing in the way of pure PB players.

    In pog, neymar, Sancho, rashford and kane you should have at least couple in the hunt for MB every day, but as peoples thoughts are turning towards building a PB friendly port for the re-commencing of footy, were in a peculiar circumstance. Those MB players have a huge advantage in terms of winning dividends but people are more interested in scooping up the bargains.

    If you buy into Bundesliga players right now, you need to hope the BL does in fact resume on the proposed date of 9/5/20. If not your probably gonna see drops again, but if it does resume you're gonna see big rewards. The feeling is that even if the given date slides, the BL will still be the first back so those players in my view, are still the best buys around, you just need to go into them with your eyes open.

    I've branched out into PB players as you will see from my signature below, predominantly in the BL, but barring the announcement the other day, when I made a few quid in cap app, I've actually been on the slide abit because I have so much of my port in Pog and Kane, but I'm not bothered because I'll keep winning divs from those 2 with which I'll continue to diversify, standing me in great stead when footy is back.

    In a sense, with the greater range of MB stars you have, your port could be in better shape than mine is, but I think that either you should consider listing some of those players I've mentioned that have had massive rises, in order to free up money for PB diversification, or at the very least, start picking some PB players to start putting those dividends into, which you will certainly be winning regularly

  • Hold firm mate. You’ve got a good mix of players in your port.

  • @Mr-Richard-T not going to go through player by player but overall you have a solid portfolio. My prefence is 100 shares minimum but that's my personal view and nothing wrong with 50. The one player I dislike out of your port, Bellerin. Only because I lost money before 😫😫😢😢😢😢 but at 84p he looks quite a solid buy tbf. You'll do fine long term. I'd be happy if that was my port put it that way.

  • @Mr-Richard-T said in Here is my portfolio what you guys think?:

    Here's my portfolio. Started Jan 1st 2020 New years day. Ignore Dividends on most players as did venture into the world of football index last season but pulled out like a fool! I've put £3432 in and port right now is £4,087 and dropping rapidly!
    Thoughts on picks and future buys?

    this is my second post be nice lol

    ![alt text](0_1587921102066_1.png image url)


    Quite a Premier League heavy portfolio but not much wrong with that at the moment seeing as we have 5 media days until end of May. As others have said, the drops you're seeing as just where others are listing to market. Likely that a lot of people have gone all out for the trading bonus. It doesn't make a blind bit of difference unless you try and sell too.

    Given there are 5 media days and you have Pogba, Neymar, Sancho etc you will definitely see dividends, I'd suggest trying to get some more players in there from outside the Premier League. Bundesliga have already had a spike but will likely spike further if/when football comes back there and could be an interesting place for any dividends you earn.

  • @Index_Scholar Cheers bud. Personally i was building my port around the euros but now been cancelled which for my port isn't a bad thing ( correct me if I'm wrong). Another year of anticipation for it followed the year after by a world cup

  • @Shippers Ideally i would like 100 shares per player but right now not possible. Bellerin lol he's a bit of a punt. I rate him as a player but he hasn't really pushed on from when we first saw him. With that pace he should be creating more problems for opposition defenders and getting more assists or at least creating more chances for his team. My gut feeling is Arteta can get the best out of him. Both Spanish, potential talk of captaincy if auba leaves, returning from injury hopefully return to form. So I'm hoping with a consistent season might see a small rise

  • @TotalPunt Sit tight is what I will do indeed and i know what you mean. I would prefer 100 over 50 but divs haven't been too bad £93.50 since March 1st

  • I think your port is very premier league heavy. I like most of them but think you could do with identifying the next stars from around Europe's top 5 .hsve you thought about players like zaniolo aouchiche?

  • @jonathan-rolfe Thats's the next plan. Problem I got is I'm not too familiar with up and coming talent from other leagues. Need to do some research

  • @MickTurbo PB players certainly looking at next

  • @Yellow Thanks mate appreciate the feedback

  • @Mr-Richard-T that's fair enough, like I said nothing wrong with holding 50. Allows you to buy more players and div returns are still good. With Bellerin I do see all the positives, I think sometimes when you lose money on a player it's hard to bring yourself buying again but at 84p i only see him going up and he should do well under Arteta.

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