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  • Can I get some advice on what strategy best suits the following 3 players?

    I recently invested 500 to make use of the bonus, and I invested in the following 3 players:

    Robert Skov - 149 shares at 2.02
    Tim Kleindienst -300 shares at 0.66
    Philipp May -33 shares at 1.25

    That is all I have in my port at the minute, and I kind of bought these after reading comments on here, german football starting soon, and possibility of scoring PB points due to not much competition, etc.

    Are these players only really useful whilst the not much other football is on, and basically do i need to consider selling these once the german league has finished? Or are they worth keeping hold of in the hope of appreciation?
    I know there are some experienced and clever heads on here so I'm just looking for a bit of advice really.

    Much appreciated.

  • @SJH101
    Skov (I hold) good chance of PB winning when football returns got euros as well; for me long term hold.

    The next guys that I can’t remember how to spell 🤦‍♂️ (I don’t hold) will give decent CA when he gets into a PB league.

    Other guy no idea.

    With a small port like that I’d suggest logging off and checking back every few weeks, if you start to micromanage the 3 holds you’ll likely lose money.

  • @SJH101
    Skov and Max (I’m assuming that it’s him you’re referring and not some Brian May/David May lovechild) are both decent holds longer term, not just for the recommencement of the Bundesliga. Both excellent PB players.

    The other guy is popular on here but I have to admit I’ve not looked into him.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I agree with @Doug-s . I hold 300 of kliendienst aswell. Seems a no brainer to me.

  • @SJH101 Is Tim Kleindienst playing guys? I thought he played for Heffenheim? cant find anything on this kid.

  • @Dan-w said in A bit of advice:


    Also im sure when he did get promoted to the top division he didnt do anything and hardly played.

  • @pompeyjosh1990 he plays from Heidenheim who are currently 4th in Bundesliga 2.

    He has scored 12 goals this season.

  • @Doug-s said in A bit of advice:

    Hi there Tim Kleindeist is in Bundesliga 2!!! Plays for Hamburger SV
    But don't worry 24yrs old one of the league's best players.
    He's in promotion chase atm 3rd, if German football doesn't go ahead the top 3 teams will be promoted. (German football has stated no relegation 3 up from each league and league's will play extra for 1 season).
    If all else fails he should be picked up by a PB (top division) team anyway so he's one to hold.
    I hold him. 😎👌

    Careful with this - he plays for Heidenheim, not Hamburg, and they are not in the top three.

  • @Coleyscrooge @pompeyjosh1990 @JonesyFI-WH @SJH101

    Totally right I fucked up there, I hold my hands up well spotted.
    I do hold Tim Kleindeist but also hold Tim Liebold who is at Hamburger sv along with a Timo i got my T's got mixed up there sorry.

    But he's a decent shout for someone to pick up in the higher leagues just like people purchasing crazy priced championship players here.

    I'll delete my original post so not to confuse anyone further cheers guys 👍

  • @Doug-s
    Don’t worry mate, I’ve got 400 shares and I didn’t even check who he played for and don’t get me started on the spelling of his name!

  • @King-Fergus sorry 😔 , I've hit rock bottom today!!!!
    Tim Kleindienst ..

  • @Doug-s
    I didn’t mention his name because I couldn’t spell it 😂

  • @King-Fergus 👌😂😂😎

  • Interesting as Kleindienst has bounced between Freiburg and Heldenheim since 2016. FI still have him at SC Freiburg in his profile. He moved perm to Heldenheim in Sept 2019 for a fee of 2.7 million. I will be honest and bought him because I thought he was still at Freiburg and my research didn't delve deep enough. Still think he is young enough and a decent prospect to get picked up but shows when you research your players make sure you have all the information. I may have invested my money on another Bundesliga player had I realised.

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