Markets in limbo

  • After the buzz of the bonus and the excitement of expected return of football,the market seems to be in limbo.Do i stick or twist mode.

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  • @osmanlao I'd take limbo anyday tbh during these circumstances. I expect a rise when football returns to normality, especially those lower end IPD and PB players. Patienceeeeeeeeeeeee will be rewarded!

  • @osmanlao

    After a big drop, followed by a month of stagnation, I've seen a rather positive last couple of weeks and it looks like the good news keeps rolling in with regards to football leagues resuming, etc.

    The question I have, is how much were FI spending on advertising on a month by month basis... and how much have the reduced that spending by.

    Using dumb numbers for the sake of making the point... If they were spending £10,000 per month and now they're spending £100 per month, we're likely to see a drop in the number of new traders.

  • Thats a good point on the advertising.We need new blood to continue growing the platform.What about new terror tries does anyone have any info on this.

  • With the stock market in freefall since the epidemic and FI actually rising I can see this as all the advert FI need. All the people who have thought about joining and watching their shares plummet may just be tempted even more!

  • @osmanlao pay day for alot on thursday, think we will get another spike then

  • @Splurger_Dan I have forgotten lately what a pay day feels like.

  • @osmanlao me too, mine is in June some time. Think the index will have a big injection then!

  • Be prepared for a flat few weeks (or even a month)

    With instant sell currently disabled growth can only be fuelled by new money coming in - which is what we have seen over the past few weeks (almost entirely due to the deposit bonus).

    Now that the deposit bonus has finished (and most of the ‘corona-hit’ players have recovered somewhat) there isn’t much logic in making deposits right now - the market always dips after a surge.

    In terms of the platform, this has been lightyears away from the catastrophe it could’ve been.

    Stick or hold? well you don’t really have much choice right now but with potentially 12 months of straight football you can rest assured that most of your players will hit peaks way ahead of what they are now.

  • I think we’ve seen floods of new users. On the forum, on twitter and on slack. I think this has been a period of huge growth for the platform. We’re in for some big rises when football is back. To think all these people have not had the buzz of match days, especially the half 2 Bundesliga rises!

  • @Chris-J I agree completely with this, and think it makes MB winners oh so valuable at the minute. That daily trickle of dividends is absolutely golden for me as i patiently buy up all the long term holds i want with cash generated from my 2 big MB holds, just really need Kane to start getting back amongst it

  • With it odds on now that football will be returning across the five major leagues over the coming months any limbo will not last long. FI has been remarkably resilient through all of this, and - a few MB gripes aside (nothing new there...) - they've made all the right calls to ensure this has been the case..

  • Footie is STILL rising doom & gloom here

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