Olimpiu Morutan

  • Just recently come across this kid I know he only plays in the Romanian league but the confidence he has with the ball, his delivery, passes and decision making are next to none the way this kid weaves in and out of players reminds me of Messi. Watched a few YouTube clips of him wouldn’t mind him at Everton need more players who are going forwards and more direct this kid is already good and under the correct guidance will be world class. People who are looking to invest this one will make you a few quid 0.47p a share definitely going to be a couple of quid soon he’ll get spotted when leading Romania and Bucharest

  • @NewUser593386 So it was you buying those shares that went through earlier today as I was looking at the ticker.....

  • @Harford-is-God Yes after seeing the YouTube videos of this kid I know he’s going to rocket been spotting talent for years now I’m making money from doing it, light work.. You should watch the videos Romanian Messi is what I’ve seen a few people tout him as.

  • @NewUser593386 I agree he looks quite good on Youtube but looking at his Whoscored stats he barely starts a game. He's played over 60 minutes in 4 of his last 19 games

  • I’ve taken the leap of faith in this kid in the 2019/20 season it says he’s played 734 minutes of football.. 997 if you include the cupa româniei.

  • I have just had a look for this lad but can not see him on the index search?

  • @NewUser28537 go on trending he’s on there

  • @NewUser28537 if you type his name in on the correct tab also squad players he does come up.

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