Callum Hudson odoi

  • Granted He is a talented youngster but does anyone know why he has risen sharply last 24 hours ? 1.18 seems very expensive now.

  • No idea.

    Joel Pereira is on the trending list as well for some reason.

  • @mike778 odoi back down to 98p now that he’s out the squad😂😂 don’t know why people were expecting him to Start anyway

  • Probably the guys that get together on twitter with large accounts, buy a load of him, start rumours to get everyone to jump on him, then sell out leaving everyone screwed. Twitter can be good for fast and some good info, but it has a big flip side to a lot of people try and explore people with fake news, good example for new guys to always do your research on anyone that recommends someone. To be fair the information and advice that comes through this forum is pretty damn good, twitter is a bit of a minefield in IMO

  • @SMacFI Ive actually had this confirmed as something that happens from someone who used to be part of a chat group with all the big accounts.

    They got kicked out because they didnt get involved

  • Get the conspiracy theories started, we'll need Mulder and Scully to crack this.

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