Bottom half of my I in trouble?

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    Bernat - Ligue 1, no football for a while, 27 years old
    Akanji - could return quick but not sure if even nailed in Dortmund team and no longer a PB beast
    Morata - poor purchase at peak, however CL action hopefully. still a massive drop though
    Gerard Moreno - down 7p now. very far off peak and bought for PB hold but seen a massive random drop
    Bednarek - i guess a long term hold but no sign of growth at all. hopefully prem football may help
    Cheryshev - bought for russians, easy flop. awful hold
    Mout - identical to cheryshev, rookie buy and a massive mistake

  • I would say it's a mixed bag and when football returns in full, you'll have scope to grow profit from most of them I'd say.

  • Don't panic I think is the best answer. If you can top up on the ones you think will make up the dosh again do so and the drop in price will catch up and even out, just wait and see what happens with the self confessed mistakes.

    The experienced guys on here have all suggested that holding until football is back will put some clarity back in the market.

    Anyway, you can't IS and while the market is slow selling would take a while, and why would you sell at a loss?

  • @NewUser573360 Go on the index, look at either top 200 or squad, sort by highest price and then look down the list of players to see how many are showing a decrease in the last 24 hours / 48 hours. Your port is reflecting exactly what's happening elsewhere so no you're not in trouble.

  • @Harford-is-God I own Moreno, Max and A Silva..... the top 3 fallers today lol

  • @NewUser573360 mate that was me back end of last year; I listened to the experienced traders on here and held my nerve I’m now up on all those that were red (and I was massively down on some of mine).

    3 year bet (minimum) no football for a while sit back don’t look at your port and when football resumes you’ll be back up.

    I’m looking at my port every morning to see how many MB divs I won then leaving it, can’t get depressed when there is nothing you can really do.

  • I wouldn't panic too much mate- genuinely wouldn't. IF you Logged out of FI for 6 months I think its safe to say most of these will be in the green

  • @NewUser573360

    It's always a massive temptation to over trade, especially when looking at stagnant or falling players with the rest of the market seeming to fly away but patience often pays. My advice is revisit why you bought them in the first place, a good PB hold will still be when football returns unless something fundamentally has changed like change of manager or system, a Euro punt still has them coming albeit delayed, transfer targets will still attract speculation.

    If your reason to buy has altered or disappeared then by all means put them in the sell queue, don't IS with these current spreads unless an absolute last resort, but otherwise it's often the best policy to just hold on until your reasoning is justified or you're proved to have simply got it wrong. Frustrating as it is doing nothing is often the best policy because as others have said they will often look very different in a few months time. Swallowing a loss can be justified but in a generally rising market even a badly timed trade can come right given enough time.

  • I have been on FI since September.
    2 major dips spring to mind during that time. The first one maybe November/December-ish (my memory of time isn't very good) but that period was prior to the latest PB Dividend increases, and will remain in the memory particularly due to a well respected trader shitting the bed (many others too).
    The 2nd was sitting through Covid 19 and watching the, red,red, red,red, all day red, next day red all day....and wondering will this stop......and it did not stop until FI inflated the spreads and disabled IS.
    Both times when sitting through them could almost be compared to feeling like the Apocalypse (in FI terms) and once you have sat through and survived periods like that, you develop balls of steel. Very little will phase you.
    It is worth noting that when FI suffers severe crisis they tend to react vigorously, and the markets spring back eventually stronger than ever.

    What is happening now is really nothing in comparison. And to be expected given the situation.
    Use this time to stack up your best holds as and when you can.

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