Neymar to Barcelona?

  • Read an article about maybe PSG might let Neymar go to Barcelona.
    Obviously may or may not be true...

    But would it be a good or bad thing for messi or neymar holds, or would they always be fighting each other for PB .
    Or would they be a media and PB dreamteam?

  • Bad for Neymar.

    He's not taking anything from the PB black-hole which is Messi.

    Good for PSGs other forwards, Mbappe, Di Maria etc.

  • Ericali’s right. If you look at the other superstars (Suarez, Henry, bale, countinho, benzema) that have been in teams with the 2 black holes- Messi and ronaldo- they have had to live off the scraps from the kings table. They take all freekicks, penalties etc. Neymars best bet would be for Messi to get injured or slip into retirement. Then he will be the dividend king of Barca.

  • Neymar is not leaving in this transfer window. Buy and Enjoy the dividends 🥳

  • Barcelona are desperate to get rid of players as they are struggling financially.Can't see how neymar goes back.

  • Even if he does go it's not going to be for a while yet. Plenty of media divs won in that time

  • Just keep on collecting the divs, nobody can afford him

  • There's minimal chance he moves this summer IMO. Barca have no money, Griezmann doesn't want to leave. Enjoy the divs though if you hold

  • @ChazFI123 I don't hold either of them bud, I'm looking to get onto the messi messiah train, but was worried that if Neymar moves there it'll be a waste incase they fight each other for PB and MB and could actually cancel each other out and lower valve.
    Bit like TAA vs VVD at liverpool. 👍

  • @Doug-s personally I quite like Messi as a hold currently, has been winning his fair share of MB too. I wouldn't not buy him in the fear of Neymar joining, as I'd say the chances of that happening are 2/10ish.

  • Cant see this transfer happening, Barca already struggling with money plus there trying to offload some of there deadwood that nobody want, not sure how long Neymar has left on his contract but these big transfers are really going to struggle to get through the line due to money issues.

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