Concept of IPO’s

  • Hi, new user here

    Asking for help please, what is the concept of IPO’s? When are new players released? Do you receive a notification from FI? What to look out for in new players?

    Any help on this or any tips or pointers for a new player appreciated

    Thanks a lot, Paul

  • Hi Mate,

    Currently there isnt any process of IPO's as its not being carried out- I think they will review this and set up a new system before it gets rolled out again.

  • Best tip is to avoid IPO's, they are crazy time and even the best, most experience traders get burned from time to time with tech issues and other things.

    Essentially FI give you a list of players, a price range and a date range. Then the are released and all hell breaks lose. Some people can search for the play and buy, some people cannot find the player under a name search but can via search for club, others can do neither and have to try and click the player when the name shows on the tracker.

  • thanks for the feedback, whats with buying trackers 10 or 25 etc? what are those?

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