🚨BLOG POST🚨 The PB Matrix Reloaded By ASP & LuaLua

  • An absolutely gargantuan blog by ASP & LuaLua as they try their hand at creating their own Match Day/PB Matrix

    I would call this the first ever Football Index report.

    It's very thought provoking, give it a read here: https://medium.com/@football.index.guide/the-matrix-reloaded-a52ec58984de

  • @The-FIG interesting read and well put together hope you’ve forwarded this on to football index. Great article and definitely an eye opener to what could be achieved with the matrix. To all that had an input in this I take my hat of to you👋

  • Started reading this, I'm just upto the Cruyff quote and I'm gonna come back to it tomorrow cos I'm a few beers in now.

    Initial observations are that they've researched and presented their data in very intelligent ways and I look forward to reading the rest of it.

    One very minor challenge I'll put up, and again, I haven't got to the end yet, but they talk about how the discrepancy between xPB and actual PB is at odds with the slogan 'what's your football knowledge worth?'

    Whilst I agree, I also think traders have a duty to really understand the matrix as it is, and its had 2 incarnations in my time on here and will likely have more.

    I believe that it's not possible to get it perfect. Maybe theres something further on in the article which will make me change my mind. But heres my challenge to their assertion that the discrepancy is at odds with the slogan.

    When a trader has taken the time to (I'm gonna italicize it again) really understand what the matrix is, they can then use their footy knowledge to make judgements on which players or playing styles will consistently produce good scores. A person who really understands the game will really understand what type of player they are looking at and trade accordingly.

    But again, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the article tomorrow and whilst I dont know that ASP, i do remember LuaLua from the forum, and hes not daft

  • Banned

    I started reading this, and then I stopped, too long and complicated for me.

    Whilst I am sure it is absolutely great, the fact is I really dont care that much what the matrix says.

    Because whatever it is, some players will do better at it and become more expensive for it. So it doesnt matter to me HOW they do the matrix. what matters to me is that i can read WHO will be best on the matrix

    does that make sense?

  • @MrWh1te Are you trying to say the mechanics don't matter so much. It's how the mechanics are communicated that enables you to make informed decisions.

  • Banned

    Pretty much, yes

    It doesn't matter to me if you get 6000000 points per cross, all that matters is that I buy the players that get the crosses in.

  • @Carboney thanks for your kind words mate, I did very little in this - appreciate it nonetheless haha

  • Brilliant article. Absolutely brilliant.

  • What they're saying, is what you see on the pitch still needs a lot of work to translate into meaningful PB scores. (That some winners come across as head-scratchers). And that the matrix needs rebuilding from a new solid base, instead of further tweaking on an existing weaker base. They've passed it on to FI towers.

    Interesting stats wherever they came from, that of 600k signed up, 400k looked and left, 150k tried a while and left, 50k are still here.

  • @MickTurbo Glad you're enjoying it - and hope you enjoy it up until the end!

  • Good work guys good read 👍

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