No Football For Quite A Few Months. How About Virtual Football?(Poll)

  • How would you feel about FI bringing in virtual football. I've seen it working on rival platforms. So what about us? I was thinking for the French league at first and maybe more broader reach if successful (Don't worry this is not FIs plans. I am not an FI employee). These matches would be weekly on a Wednesday and Saturday. Things move alot slower when there is football. This is something that is working elsewhere. Media Dividends are great but they are generally just shared mostly around Manchester United holds. Sure their maybe some volatility perhaps but would that not correct itself when real football returns.

    Would you be open to virtual football so price movement can be had in other parts of the market? Have you another idea for a football substitute? Please feel free to share. All thoughts welcome.

  • No fucking way, would just undermine FI credibility and become like every other gambling site. Just a bit of patience!

  • Not for me. Virtual horse races and football matches etc are a bit desperate in my opinion.

    I'm confident the Bundesliga will be back by 6th June (latest) anyway, so that's only another month or so of 5-place Media Days.

  • @Dalian-Smith loves a controversial poll.

    I think that it would bring too much volatility to the market, from a personal point of view I have too much money tied up into FI to be excited by that prospect.

    something to stimulate the market while we wait for German football wouldn't go a miss though and might encourage me to invest my dividend wins.

  • Genuinely think this would be the death of FI. Completely undermines the concept in my opinion.

  • @Diamond-Tiger
    Im saying virtual football but the big elephant in the room is theirs a gaping hole in FIs offer when football is not on. I personally think virtual football is a gimmick but if money is going in and out of the platform I'm happy. At the moment I can't see any reason at all into why I invest in pb holds. Other than maybe a long term objective. This however is a gambling platform and I imagine there are many out there twitchy for their next trading fix.

    Media dividends you could argue don't lend credibility to the product. Winning money on the back of what the Daily Star has to say is not my idea of a credible trading platform but we do it and it's all dandy.

  • I'd vote 2 and 4.
    All about Media holds which realistically is probably a pool of about 50 players.
    What about the rest of the index?
    FI has done well holding interest, but I'm hearing whispers of a new kid on the block. 😂😂

  • @Dronny-Gaz Personally I'd rather improve FI than jump ship. Today's Bundesliga news was a bit of a set back. FI needs a shot in the arm to get us all trading again. I've heard mentions of narrowing the spreads but if people took money out now I'm not sure they'd re invest back in FI at this stage. I'm glad they are where they are whilst we ride this storm. Virtual football is a hard sell but we could do with something.

  • @Dalian-Smith
    People will go where they can make money the easiest and with the least risk.
    I love FI and I'm sure they'll come up with some great ideas to keep all the market stimulated.
    In the meantime though ............ 😁

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in No Football For Quite A Few Months. How About Virtual Football?(Poll):

    In the meantime though ............ 😁

    We'll all I can say is about what folk are doing in the meantime. I think there are lessons to be learnt. FI throw money at things but the pots only finite. A solution like virtual football is not expensive and maintains interest in quieter periods. Folk aren't down with it but I'm short on other ideas.

  • @Dalian-Smith
    Sometimes you have to look what competitors are doing better and see how you can incorporate into your own model.

  • Poll showing around 50% wanting change but maybe not virtual football. Here's hoping the transfer window open soon. Trying to second guessing wether pb leagues are resuming or not is getting tiresome.

  • Not happening. But as for second guessing which leagues are resuming being tiresome, don't. Just buy MB players and keep re-investing into PB players across the 5 leagues. I'm having a great time, though if I end up finishing 3rd 4th and 5th tonight as looks likely, I'll be a tad frustrated

  • @MickTurbo My money is all tied up in second guessing which pb league is coming though.☹️
    I thought we might be out of Pogba trading by now. These are challenging trading times for sure. Liquidity is not what it was. I've even found myself taking notes on a capitalisation project I saw on another post to free up some funds for mb holds.

    The media dividends are great but are there not an awful lot of us out there not feeling any dividend love. I think FI need to look at this.

  • Genuinely not sure what all the complaining is about - back in the day, media buzz was all the index had! It was their usp, and only 200 players could possibly win.

    Of course FI is better when the footy is on, but even when it’s not it’s still strong (the footie is up loads over the last month) the same can’t be said about other traditional bookmakers who have to resort to tripe like virtual football, FI are above that 👍🏻

    Everything’s fine, everyone just sit tight and spreads will narrow and balance will be restored in the not too distant future!

  • The thing is FI in its simplicity is like no other they’re not going to go against everything they created to do virtual surley by other platforms I’m sssuming we are talking footstock in which the free roll payouts are not even comparable to what FI are paying out in media divs , and the ones with decent payouts are £20 entry how many people are going to pay £40 per week to enter and if they do people like Bruno rashford messi Pogba messi strong mb players will only get more money pumped in because they’re strong players on the field this will not help spread value it will only heighten the gap that’s already established

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