FI vs Footstock

  • Feels like there's a bit of a takeover at the moment, both on this forum and twitter.

    I checked out Footstock. It has gambling qualities, such as roulette (CPU), PVP roulette and roulette tournaments. They also host torunaments using your cards.

    For me, this seemed too much like a fruity. I won a James Ward Prowse (£7), and he rised up to £8 in 10 minutes. That 100% shocked me. I didn't see what his IS price was, butcan imagine the spreads are quite big. They also have order books, so he could've been sold for pretty much anything in that range.

    I'm interested in maybe the cap app of cheaper players, but with Bruno + TAA above £'s got my interest. However, I really hope FI doesn't take a hit from this. FS are essentially hosting virtual matches, "paying" out divs for PB players. I don't benefit for MB on FI, I have an exclusive PB port. So I would be interested in finding some hidden gems.


  • Bruno is now £200 !

  • @NewUser573360 spreads are purely based on what one person wants to sell for and another is willing to buy for the are completely down to the community to decide.

  • Let’s not have multi threads on here, if we keep it on one place FI are likely to have less of an issue.

    Imo it’s good for both platforms if we have decent cross over but FS has its own community so we don’t need to turn these forums into a place for lots of FS chat

  • This post is deleted!

  • I’ve had a go at Footstock and I’ve decided it’s not for me. Las Vegas fruit machines came to mind when trying it out...not sure why?! 🤷🏻

  • @Sol it's just gambling pretty much. Bruno dropped £25 in 5 minutes just now. its utter chaos on there however theres 100% money to be made other than the shitty games

  • I used to read the word 'footstock' with instant dislike as sub concious loyalty to FI. however i got bored last night and tried it out....forgive me. i used to worry slightly that it would compete with FI, but was instantly given confidence seeing that it was a completely different product. i thought it was absolutley awful. i dont know if many of you guys have had success with it but i thought it was really difficult to navigate around, no real clear instructions on what to do to make money and above all it felt much more like a gambling platform. there are many ways to lose money quickly so if you have an addictive personality it really isnt good. the thing i love most about FI and ive read it here alot is that it has stopped me losing money on general sports betting day to day....YES I KNOW FI IS STILL GAMBLING BEFORE EVERYONE JUMPS ON ME....but there just seems to be a huge difference between the way you can control your money to some extent, i feel confident that with FI, i still can take a small loss and make it back by being shrewd. the perception i got from footstock is that i would eventually find myself in a situation as i did in the past with various betting sites, of effectifly chasing lost money. i'm not blinkered to what FI is and i know the risks - the comparison just seems alot more calculated. for example the roulette game on footstock, if you go up against someone with the same player - they literally flip a coin to determine who wins...its like a £10 bet on a 2 horse race and the winner is determined by chance. just thought i'd share this view for what its worth for anyone considering it - it made me really appreciate how good FI is in comparison and also reminded me of how easy it can be to lose money quickly

  • @G27
    I quite like footstock to be honest but I tend to enter tournaments more than the "roulette" bit you just played where as you said you can lose a player on a toss of a coin. I won over £400 the other day in a tournament which i could cash straight out and that's been better than I've been doing on FI recently.
    But it is each to their own :)

  • @Daz5894
    admiteddly using it for a night cant really be seen as giving it a chance, i just got badvibes from it and found it really un-user friendly. the bit that would appeal are the tournamnets and the 'fifa' style cards but it just seems that for me personally i am not suited to it as you said...the tournaments on 'draftkings' i would guess would be equally as enjoyable

  • @G27 Oh never heard of Draftkings.. But i better keep away.. Cant have money in there, footstock and football index...

  • Funny as I’ve just posted on fs slack

    Ever time I check my FI port it’s dropped. Every time I check my FS collection it’s risen! Happy days

    I still like FI and am hopeful for the future but personally I find FS far more fun and having a couple of £600 tournament wins certainly helps. I’ve tripled my FS collection by reducing my FI port. FS marketing plans and £100 k free roll next season.

    I quite understand why it might not appeal to many on FI but please don’t dismiss it out of hand. Remember how complex FI appeared when you first joined. You soon get the hang of FS.

  • I actually prefer footstock now... More ways to play the game... More ways to profit and prices change based on performance a lot more. Market is very liquid and no commission... Very easy to buy and sell.

    Tournaments are fun... I've won some big pots so up in terms of finance but I lose more than I win in terms of tourneys entered.

    I quite like the roulette too but you need to understand it to have a chance... I.e. Which match actions come up the most and which players score well in those match actions

    I'm making hundreds a day just short term trading tho tbh... Mop up the sell orders for a player up to a certain value whilst simultaneously selling them at a higher price... Like a market maker.

    If you wanted to give it a serious chance you should join slack or DM for some guidance... As its not easy to plug and play and make money without effort (like my first day on FI when I bought SMS cos he's a beast on FM)

  • As has been said many times they are different products and there’s space for both. I do love the fact though that you can buy and sell commission free so plenty of opportunities for flipping fixture and long term trading. I won’t add to this as I’m aware some on here may still view it warilfy

  • @G27 yes i use from time to time DraftKings and it is basically the FS tournaments but with no need to buy the players or cards so a lot less exposure really

  • @Coriolanus
    totally appreciate what you are saying and hands up havent given it a proper chance - i have confidence that FI profits will return as they always have - FS in comparson just seems much more directly linked to gambling in my opinion which maybe is why i didnt like it as i feel to some extent FI has moved me away from that (just my opinion) - its the fact that your funds could be gone fairly instantaniously if you are having a day of boredum or a few beers.

    totatally get where youu are coming from though with regards to putting the time in to understand it properly...although just me personally i didnt have this with FI - i found it easy to grasp instantly.... my knowledge of how to get the most out of it then obviously evolved but i never had that initial feeling of uncertainty

  • @Coriolanus After reading this, I just joined it with the free welcome pack.

    I have entered into a free roll tournament but I also tried to enroll into the £1 beginner tournament with the free £10 credit, but it would not allow me as it said I need at least one basic player, but I only had a handful of players I could pick from. I wanted to play for free and see how it works before I put any money into it - but that did not work out! FI is deffo easier to understand and 'play'.

  • @Number5 yeah each tournament has rules of what type of player can be added... So new players can spend 60p on a basic striker and not face someone with a 50k port who's bought salah and mane etc. So beginner tourney require at least 1 basic 1* player.

    Its more complex because there is more elements... People had been on FI for a year then admitted they didn't know you could sell to market etc ☺ all these apps take getting used to... But after a day it clicks. You've been able to enter a tourney for free to get a feel for the points matrix etc... But if you want to play the money games you probably want to deposit at least £20 to pick up a few players who will start in the games and meet the rules.

    Or trade that £20 into £40 😉

    Probably shouldn't keep this thread going too long as a beginners guide to FS... But anyone who does want to give it a go... You will definitely benefit from some guidance first whether it's reading the blogs or joining a forum or slack etc...or reach out to individuals who already play it.

  • I have just put over 1k into my port due to them offering a bonus which normally would have gone into football index and i have bought a few random packs and players ranging from 1* (basic) to 5* players.

    When i joined i got about 20 players for free for a certain time ( i couldnt sell them) but i could use them in tournaments which helped me get into the game for the first few games plus i bought the EPL standard pack which gave me some tournament credits and some other basic players. However i have had some good players (sterling for instance who is only 2* but worth £45) in the Premium pack.

    Now there is no football season for a few weeks im getting into the Virtual tournaments.

  • @Coriolanus I've entered a free roll tournament and a beginners £1 tournament with some players I got from the Welcome Pack. I will see what happened with that to get a better understanding. The results are on Sunday evening. At the moment all of my money is coming into FI.

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