FI vs Footstock

  • I'd be interested to hear @Black-Wolf on the goalkeeper suituation should another Dividend Increase occur. For alot of goalkeepers still seem underpriced. Dividends are without doubt easier to win than other categories. I still think there's someway to go before risk outstrips reward. A new dividend review may cause short term disruption to prices but longer term surely they are still a good bet.

  • @King-Fergus @Coriolanus is right, you've missed the comparative point.

    The recent div increase heavily swung value to keepers, if they review it to try and correct it and add more divs to DEF, mid, fwd or star it will affect the comparative swing again and gks won't seem such good value to other players all of a sudden.

    But I just can't see FI doing it, if the could have afforded to they would of, like I said 1, 2 or even 3p might not be enough to swing value away from keepers even at their current prices after massive spikes. It'd have to be 3p or more which would end up being the divs rise many knew we needed to push prices up... They either can't afford it or want to keep prices low/drive some prices down for mean time.

    If they do up the divs to try n correct the gk swing, anyone who reacted and adapted will be screwed over! How many times must we adapt paying commission everytime... Think most of us accept once a year as fair play... Anything more is ridiculous if they want to be a stockmarket.

  • @Coriolanus said in FI vs Footstock:

    @TotalPunt have you seen the latest announcements and developments? I. E. Deal of the day? Theyl publish lists of random players and offer you up to 200% that day to sell him back to them as a form of rake. That's just one of many initiatives that will control cards in circulation. They are totally on top of these things and as you say react quickly. That's why market is booming!

    The fact the company has to interfere with gimmicks like that is not exactly a positive thing mate.

    Lists of "random" players? So lots of football knowledge and research involved then 😐

    Footstock is first and foremost gambling. If you like that then great. But you've got people posting on Twitter about how a virtual tournament finished! May as well discuss how you got 3 cherries on the fruit machine in the Dog & Duck 😂

    Oh and for anyone about to have a go at me for slating footstock... if you bring it to my doorstep (the FI Forum) then I'll treat it no different than I would Jehovas Witnesses - ON YOUR BIKE WITH YOUR NONSENSE! 😄

  • @ScouseSte haha load of rubbish. The developments are necessary as the product grows. FI have swept things under the carpet for years and are now close to breaking point because of it.

  • @Coriolanus said in FI vs Footstock:

    @ScouseSte haha load of rubbish. The developments are necessary as the product grows. FI have swept things under the carpet for years and are now close to breaking point because of it.

    I wouldn't call Footstock a load of rubbish mate, you're being a bit too unfair on them there. But yeah, it's a gamblers paradise. One to avoid if you're a problem gambler.

    FI on the verge of breaking point? 😂😂
    It's not as liquid as has been, granted, but calm your tits! We're going through a big overhaul. Much as changes annoy the hell out of me, once all is complete we will be future proof.
    All we need is patience

  • Yeah but Oasis were more Rock and Roll. Lads you could go out and get 'off your face with', whereas Blur came across as pretentious art School types from well to do middle class backgrounds.
    Your typical Northern/Southern thing.
    At the end of the day, both were great bands!

  • Oh sorry! Wrong FORUM!

  • @Coriolanus said in FI vs Footstock:

    @ScouseSte haha load of rubbish. The developments are necessary as the product grows. FI have swept things under the carpet for years and are now close to breaking point because of it.

    Breaking point

    So you and your 1 or 2 cronies running to the hills or sticking around?

    Get out before it flops

  • @ScouseSte

    I get dozens of these DM convos on twitter a day atm. People aren't enjoying it... The only thing keeping prices as they are the crazy buy price mechanic and that people are locked in.

    If you were a new user now... And you put in £50 a month ago... Would you be inclined to ramp up significantly? I can't imagine many new users are sticking with it or enjoying it.

    9:22 AM
    For me the whole fun is gone. I'm a football fanatic. I could find a young player at a club that was having a good preseason and going to feature heavily. Be it in uk or abroad. I would get on before many even realised them. Then wait for inevitable small rises when they establish themselves and get out. I'm not talking massive money but little wins like that add up. Now that's gone or at least why would I take chances on them, not all work out and the cost for being punished is now too risky. People now making money buying into spreads. I dont have time to be monitoring that all day. That's not football that's watching markets. Load of shit tbh.

  • @Yellow yes all very fair points. Good analogy also, I would prefer an opt in for the roulette stuff, and although I use it, I would also be fine if it went, or was limited uses. Doubt others would feel like that but that gambling element is often the first thing people associate with it, which is an issue in my eyes.

  • @ScouseSte That's the crux of the FI Vs FS debate. FS feel more of an amusement arcade draw than a stock market draw. In FS we are moving more into a virtual stage now where virtuals will be played with some regularity. You are essentially betting against computer algorithms set by the house.

    I do prefer the FI way of price movements influenced by people reacting to real life football events.

  • @Dalian-Smyth I see that point for sure, but it’s built around real football, and that’s its main draw. The big promo next year is all around teal football. The virtuals were built as a filler when Covid hit, and have been continued as they were popular. Real football will (and has) drive the market. But I do see that point for sure.

  • @Coriolanus

    Like I said, we are going through a significant structural change in the platform. Patience is going to be required.

    For a new user, this is the worst time to join (i haven't recommend FI to anyone in a while) so there will understandably be some disillusioned traders.

    But once all the gears are in motion and we are in the midst of a full proper football season with all leagues playing, I'm pretty sure FI will be the (positive) talk of the town again.

    Anyone casting their vote now, before the ME is complete, is being rather hasty.

    I'm losing about 1% port value per week (don't own Jason Sancho 😐) but I'm not worried one bit.

    Edit: Jason Sancho isn't on the index. 😂

  • I have played both, I liked one and didn't like the other. That doesn't make one better than the other, it makes it different.

    I got into FI and liked it because it stopped me from smashing £5 a time into skybet, and meant I wasn't just losing bets on stupid named footballers to score first

    I initially liked FS, but after a very short time realised that I was getting too involved in it, and was just constantly churning through money and quickly ended up cashing out with pretty much no profit and deleting the app because I could easily see myself getting addicted. I won't partially opt out from certain parts of it, like I won't change to just drinking advocaat if I was drinking too much. That's my choice and others are free to do what they feel best for them.

    My concern is that some may be reliant on either FI or FS. The most vocal advocates on the forum of FS have been former FI users who seem to base their enjoyment on how much they win. For me, even with reduced liquidity, I find FI still fun and that is whether I am up or down currently( and for both platforms, you aren't really either until you have cashed it out)

    It seems to be the main selling point listed on FS is that people can make money on it. And maybe those people were only on FI because it was always easy to make money. It's now got harder, but that doesn't make it any less fun for me.

    I can watch a game between promotion rivals in second tier of football and get really excited, or watch a player I have never heard of playing well and can have a look whether they are on the index (normally not, but sometimes!)

    I also genuinely think it has improved my football knowledge to the point where my friends come to me asking me what I think of a South America footballer who has been linked to their club.

    In the end, choose one, the other, both or neither. Just make sure you have fun and you aren't just enjoying it because at this current time you are making money. they are all gambling and the house will almost certainly win.

    Also fuck off with creating threads about FS on an FI forum. We know it exists, have probably made our choices, so dump it on Reddit or call yourself a animal on twitter and start chatting shit

    Yours sincerely

    Mouko(FI Tarsier if I was one of those wankers)

  • FI is like that old faithful pet that's slowed down and started shitting on the carpet.
    You remember the good times. You remember the happy times.
    Lately, however, it has just been dodging the shit.

    Then bounding onto the scene comes this cute little puppy, full of life, freshness and excitement.

    Which one gets your attention?

  • @Dronny-Gaz
    The removal of IS without notice, apology or explanation was the final straw.
    Akin, to Old Rex shitting in your slipper.

  • One more thing I will say about FS is that I feel you can get more out of a smaller investment. I had a couple of grand in FI, buying div players and getting constant but very small returns. Unless I had thousands more to throw in I just felt the returns were too small for the risk associated, especially with a 3 year bet. I took that couple of thousand, deposited it in FS, and have won 47% of that deposit in tournaments over 4 months. If I can carry on at that rate I’ll be risk free in another 7-8 months. If I don’t carry that on then I still have the lifetime of the players career to win back it’s value and more. That is what massively appeals to me.

    I couldn’t do that with dividend wins over 3 years unless I have a large amount of shares in lots of players. It may just be that I’m better/enjoy the FPL side more than the stocks trading side. That’s probably it.

  • @Dalian-Smyth FS is much more priced on real life footy... More in play trading than FI now. Virtuals add a different element during the break.... Just more win mechanics and ways to enjoy the product. But you could just trade and just play real footy. Everything is optional. FI has become boring, FS is fun... Both gambling products which is in the entertainment industry.

  • @Coriolanus said in FI vs Footstock:

    @King-Fergus I think are misunderstanding me or don't understand the market. At the latest div review... All divs went up... Yet most premium players dropped... Why? Because a) it wasn't as good as people hoped... B) because COMPARATIVELY keepers now had much better value/yield.

    If they do another div review before next year and ONLY boost mb or star man... Which keepers are much less likely to win... It will COMPARATIVELY make premiums like neymar, Bruno etc better value again... So money will move from Gk to them.

    This is how the market works. Its fact, not negativity. Interestingly I was branded negative for forewarning about lack of IS and ME... People say wait... Bla bla bla... Now those people are losing their shit cos they have seen the reality. And the index has been miserable since ME. Now people say... "We just need sell orders and nasdaq" but they can't explain why these things will help... Because reality is sell orders will push prices down and many are still not yet prepared for it.

    I have explained many times how sell orders and depth provided by the Nasdaq will help things plus this race to the bottom carry on is absolute nonsense only anyone desperate to sell fast will do this otherwise they would be accepting the current spreads as the are. The reality is that the opposite will happen, an initial drop followed by quick recovery as the number of shares for sale reduces and the market then becomes more liquid. The only way a race to the bottom happens is if everyone is selling and no one is buying which will never happen because the reason most are selling one player is to buy another.

    You always came across as a very intelligent guy in the past but recently not so much

  • @LaneyNights You say it was a filler. I do think this was always FS intention to put in these virtuals. From the off they've had a roulette offering. Virtuals just seems a natural progression of that. There's so much pot luck involved FS. It's the gambling feel that makes me reluctant to invest more.

    Whilst there is a trading element to it. Even there most ardent supporters acknowledge it is laborious.

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