Ligue 1 Cancelled - Panic Stations? Nah, time to exploit.

  • Hello all. How are things? With Ligue 1 cancelled and the final league table all but confirmed I thought it would be a good idea to publish a short post on my thoughts around what the future may hold and who may or may not have benefitted from a Football Index perspective. Come take a look!

  • Great post couldn't agree more. I tweeted about Europa League confirmation making Renato Sanches even more value than he already was. Nice little discount atm.

  • I’m a Nantes fan and Leo Dubois always stood out for me. I hope that he can be first choice for France at the Euros.

    However the rest of team that all ran around like headless chicken (Thomasson, Rongier, Harit and don’t get me started on Diego Carlos!) have all gone elsewhere to be linked with big moves and ridiculous release fees!

    You don’t seem to have comments active on Wordpress.

    Hoping that we actually have a 2020-21 season. Really not sure about CL/Europa.

  • @FIGenesis as always mate, top work a great read 👌😎

  • Lorient players on the up after promotion.

    Similarly Seyrou Guirassy (Amiens) has climbed today on the back of their relegation being seemingly confirmed. Assuming that’s in anticipation of a transfer. 9 goals and plenty of prem links out there

    His price got me thinking, 88p, if there’s any suggestion of transfer dividends again, based on January’s rule of being over £1, then players in that 80p to a quid bracket have a potential boost coming.

    Expect that’s some way off mind, we don’t really know when the transfer window could even be. And there’s usually much more activity in summer so would cost FI a lot more and may not even be in their thinking.

  • Any thoughts on L'equipe's Ligue 1 team of the season? Kamara seems to be down as a mid on FI, likely to get a position change?

  • Well, with the Germans announcing that they will be carrying on what does this mean for Ligue 1?

    Any chance they have a rethink and reverse their decision? For those brave enough to do so, picking up some Ligue 1 assets over the next day or two, might be a shrewd move, whilst everyone is focusing on buying up Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga players. Not sure I have the balls for it though.

  • Hi guys

    If I want to campaign for an IPO (I know they’re not really happening right now) do I just send a polite e-mail to FI?

    Sorry, I scrolled down and this was the closest to being relevant thread that I could find... Pedro Chirivella to FC Nantes for the record. He looked good in the cups for Liverpool and I follow FC Nantes.

    Many thanks

  • @PaulM yeah just send them an email and they'll respond to say they've sent a request 👍

  • @Doug-s Thanks bud. Glad you liked it!!

  • @PB_101 Thanks bud. Renato has looked like a new player since arriving at Lille. I hope he keeps it up. Ligue 1 is the perfect place for him to spend a year or two regaining his confidence and form.

  • @Vaughany It's a good question and the LFP are coming under real pressure from Lyon and Toulouse to reverse their decision. However, their decision was based on a Government decree that no sporting events would be held until September. That makes it very hard to push anything through.

  • @inoffthepost I though their team was half decent for once! I think Kamara shifted to a midfielder during the last position changes. I am not sure if he will stay as one, even though he's been playing there all season for Marseille. He is still really a Centre Back. Generating interest from Man City amongst others.

  • @PaulM Hey bud, how are you? Thanks for reading. Yeah, I really like Dubois. He has had a couple of unlucky seasons but looked very good for France in place of Pavard in the previous internationals. Love the fact you're a Nantes fan! Blas and Louza have looked very good this season.

    Strange about the comments on WordPress. I was pretty sure they were activated and open. Thanks for pointing it out. I will take a look.

    I am certain that we will have 20-21 season!

  • I’m fine thank you. My wife is from Nantes which is my reasoning for following Les Canaris. Simon is the one that’s stood out for me this season and is hopefully joining permanently.

    I’ve written a cricket blog on Wordpress for a few years and have belatedly started a football one. Shameless plug but

    Really hoping Bundesliga starts as I’ve been faffing around on here but think I’m set up for some actual football.

    I just read your article more thoroughly yesterday. Nice write-up. Liked the graph presentation.

  • @FIGenesis said in Ligue 1 Cancelled - Panic Stations? Nah, time to exploit.:

    @inoffthepost I though their team was half decent for once! I think Kamara shifted to a midfielder during the last position changes. I am not sure if he will stay as one, even though he's been playing there all season for Marseille. He is still really a Centre Back. Generating interest from Man City amongst others.

    thanks for the reply, interesting to hear about Kamara's versatility!

  • @PaulM Ah, I see! I like Nantes a lot. They seem to have a dab hand at bringing talent through. I will definitely check your blog out. I find the writing pretty cathartic after a day of home schooling the bloody kids!

  • @inoffthepost Yeah he has shown good versatility. He's keen to stay at Marseille but with their financial situation they could well bite the bullet and sell. He is their most bankable asset, even above Thauvin.

  • @FIGenesis
    Thanks and great article by the way.

    If I may, I wanted to get your views on Cornet and Hassane Kamara. I hold both. Cornet because he's got decent PB scores/divs in him and is still only 23 . Kamara because he's been quality for Reims this season and has helped them reach Europe but particularly because of the transfer links (PSG and several Premier League clubs).

    I sense that the general opinion on Cornet is that he's good on his day but is inconsistent. Have you seen much of him this year and what has he been like? Do you think he'll still be at Lyon for the next year or two given the likes of Aouar and Depay are rumoured to be leaving and will that mean he'll have a more important role in the team?

    Finally, do you think that Kamara will actually move this summer? And do you think that'll be to another team in France or abroad?

  • @Vaughany Hi, how are you? Thanks for reading. On Cornet, I have never rated him in real life. He is, as you say, very inconsistent. However, when he turns it on (and it only needs to be a 20 minute spell in one game) he can put himself in position to win dividends with his peak scores. It looks like Lyon will need to sell this summer to balance the books. So far Aouar, Depay and Dembele look primed to leave. There are rumours around Bertrand Traore today too. If they all leave then it will be time for the youngsters to step up. Cornet should get more chance to shine too.

    On Kamara, there is growing buzz around a potential move. As for where to, that is unclear at the moment. He has had a great season though.

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