Keiran Trippier and media dividends

  • FI media dividends have been a bit weird recently.

    Half an hour ago Trippier had 300+ dividend points on betting breaches so I invested, (thinking I might catch him before a rise) but now FI has taken away almost all his points... anyone else had problems with this?

    Also a few days ago I was happy to see Messi had grabbed #1 media spot as of the 20:00 deadline, but when I clocked back in the next morning, apparently Neymar had won...

    Not been on FI long but I’m already starting to feel like this platform is maybe a bit shady

  • You’re right in the fact that the media buzz has been inconsistent recently (i.e. grealish incident). MB points are usually removed if they are non-football related or criminal in nature and that is why Trippier’s gambling charge stories have been removed. Also the 8pm deadline is for when you can buy the player and still receive dividends: players can still receive points up to midnight and that is probably what happened in the case of Messi and neymar.

  • Nothing shady mate, you just don’t understand the rules. Don’t entirely blame you as they have been a little inconsistent of late, but two things you need to realise:

    1. The 8pm deadline is the cutoff for when you can purchase and still win that day’s dividends, it is not the cut off for eligible articles. Articles continue to score right up until midnight. The deadline is there so you can’t log in and buy the leader at 11.59pm, win the dividends then sell at a minute past midnight.

    2. FI reserve the right to remove any articles that are clearly non football related, or about illegal or sexual activity. This is the bit that has been inconsistent of late, but I’m not getting into that one! Suffice to say they decided Trippier being done for gambling breaches is against their policy so have removed the articles. The safest way of interpreting this rule is to never buy in on negative or controversial media stories as there’s a good chance they won’t count.

  • Okay my bad then! Nice one cheers for the information guys x

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