Ludwig Augustinsson

  • Okay, has someone pumped this fellow recently?

    My main port is between 25 - 30 players but I have several under £1 players and I have 35 shares in this chap.

    I have no idea why I bought him but I assume someone must have mentioned him on here and a few beers later he ended up under my care. He has gone up 2p though but I can't remember why I parted with £12.60 of my hard earned cash for him!!

  • All i can think of is that he has just comeback from injury.Hes been of for a total of 6 months with his last two injuries.When fit he is a mainstay midfielder for Bremen.The only problem is Bremen will be relegated to Bundesliga 2.Not seen any media links to a move.Sorry to say but not one i would look at.But if he moves who knows.Part with your cash and then celebrate with a beer when your money rolls in. : )

  • I bought him back in January as a euro2020 hold.
    I instant sold him after it was obv euro2020 wasn’t happening.
    Good player though.

  • Someone mentioned that his price crashed by one of the highest percentages from covid19. It was just under 30% from his price Mid March. Thats why i bought 104 shares in him.

    He was one of Bremens better performers before his injury and a regular for Sweden. I think he will get poached by a different team when Bremen get relegated.

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