Instant sell broke?

  • Hey guys,

    I’ve sent a support ticket so just waiting on it but thought I would ask if it’s the same for everyone.

    I have just tired to instant sell some players the last day or two and it doesn’t work at all? On mobile I get the tick and it acts like it has but it doesn’t, on computer it gives me an error saying I can’t right now?

    Thanks in advance

  • @NewUser134910 not been able to for ages,market sell

  • What does that mean? That’s quite simply put, my money is essentially cash trapped? I sent some to market and only one sold, what if I want the money now and don’t mind the 2% penalty?

  • @NewUser134910 Put bluntly, you shouldn’t have over committed. You have no given right to instantly sell something the market doesn’t want to buy.

  • Over committed?? Ha, I haven’t over committed, the money can stay there for now but if I want it I should be able to get it.

  • @NewUser134910 totally agree. I appreciate it’s a gambling product but to not allow you instant access to YOUR money, not theirs, is bullshit! We’ve gone over this loads on here but FI need to come out and be more transparent with the Instant Sell stuff. I can fully understand why they have decided to take this action (so the market doesn’t crash) but you can’t just switch something off without informing everyone. They are growing into a big big company yet this is fucking amateurish IMO.

    If any of the other betting companies gave you the cash out option but when you clicked the button it did nothing there would be uproar but here it just seems to be accepted.

  • They're protecting the market

  • @MickTurbo I appreciate that mate but they are not communicating anything. That’s what is amateurish. The product is growing massively but they still seem to be run by a bunch of chimps.

  • @JonesyFI-WH yeh mate you'll get no arguments from me on that

  • I wish people would just learn you CAN market sell. Before all of this I rarely used instant sell anyway.

    Listed 10 players for sale yesterday. 1 completely sold and at the front of the queue for 4 others. That’s after 1 day. It’s not difficult.

  • I’m glad you guys came out and agreed or had a valid point of view without being rude and telling me I gambled incorrectly.....thank you.

    Yes it seems rather ridiculous I don’t have instant access to my money.

    I understand in the first instance when Corona hit they turned it off because they feared that everyone would instant sell and leave, but that’s not the case, football is still discussed, they put new incentives in place and footballers continue to rise and they should release that block and allow us to instant sell.

  • @NewUser134910 why would you instant sell with the spreads now anyway, just put them to market mine sell within few days at most

  • @FI-Ads I totally agree with that and I have listed my players to do exactly that. I just wanted to instant sell a few and was gutted to see I don’t have the right to my own actually is a kick in the teeth as I like FI a lot.

  • Banned

    I don't get why people keep saying things like 'I should be able to get my money out'.

    Because quite simply it ceased to be your money the second you made a bet with it.
    Just like when you make a bet at the bookies, that ceases to be your money too.

    You have swapped your money for shares in a player (a bet).

    Now, just like traditional bookies (sometimes) offer a cash out, FI (sometimes) offer a cash out - this is instant sell.
    Now the bookies often remove cashout from markets, or offer such a small return that it isn't worth doing, to protect themselves, just as FI are doing.

    In the case of FI though, they offer the opportunity for you to sell your bet to someone else (market sell). This is unaffected.
    So either you made a good bet and someone will buy it off of you (as in the case of my Kane or Werner for instance).
    Or you made a bad bet and no-one will buy it off you (as in the case of my John Obi Mikel).
    Either way, it ceased to be your money the second you handed over your money in return for shares.

  • @NewUser134910 if you read the rules they can stop is at any time. You have made a 3 year bet with them, their risk team will constantly assess this at the moment they don't want to offer you a direct cash out, just like bet365 etc cancel cash out sometimes

  • I actually agree that FI should be a lot more clear on the current situation with instant sell.

    People could be signing up thinking it as an option then find out they can't do it after they have put their money in.

    All of us active on the forum/twitter obviously know the current situation but thats probably a minority. It could build to a lot of frustration and distrust. Why they don't have something on the website I don't know and also I feel they should all update us on the situation. It affects the market significantly

  • I'm just surprised people would be willing to instant sell right now. Not having a go but I'm too tight to sell with the narrow spreads let alone now :-)

  • Don't put your money in if your worried you can't get it out, read the t and c's thoroughly then decide if it's for you, market sell is always the sensible option, who in their right mind would instant sell at the moment anyway, you be losing 40 odd percent per share

  • Banned

    Yes they should put out an announcement. Something like this...

    Then they should post it on a great big yellow banner at the top of every page. Something like this...

    That might do it? Why do they never think of these things?

  • @MUFC try holding ighalo!!

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