The weekly... Issues signing in thread

  • Been contacted directly on twitter by a user struggling to sign up to the forum for first time. Connected on mobile via the link on app

    Anyone joined recently got any advice?

  • Alot of people have an issue with the forum from the app on Android. It only worked for me for months from Ipad or desktop. The forum helped me and advised to go on the FI website from a browser on Android not the app and use the forum from there, I saved the link to home screen and that worked. The forum seems to work for me from the app aswel now though.

  • Banned

    Yeah two work rounds:

    1. On laptop login to FI as normal then click on forum link direct and it auto-logs you in.
    2. On phone, go to browser (I use chrome for it), and log into FI as a normal website (not the app). Then click on link for forum, and just forum to shortcuts, it will keep you logged in.

    These always worked, though recently I have started hearing one or two cases where it fails, but both worth a try.

  • Apologies if this is also problematic but you should be able to get on here directly via (using incognito mode or similar, if necessary)

  • Wahoo! It works! Safari, sign on on normal FI website, drop down menu, forum.

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