Transfer Window Must Haves. Your Top 5 Please.

  • Your Top 5 Must Haves for the transfer window. I'm going to put the top 9 names into a poll so the whole forum can vote on who they think are the best hopefuls. I'm think big massive transfers will struggle to happen. My 5 are mid range players who mostly at selling clubs who have hinted at moving(ie The Hungarian coach is on record as saying Szobozalai is definitely moving in next transfer window)

    Boubakary Soumare
    Faitout Maouassa
    Dominik Szobozalai
    Victor Osimhen
    Pierre Aubameyang

  • Ousmane Dembele, Sardar Azmoun, Willian, Federico Bernardeschi and Xherdan Shaquiri

    Most of my holds are transfer related given football is off the table at the moment.

  • @Wiillaah said in Transfer Window Must Haves. Your Top 5 Please.:

    Ousmane Dembele, Sardar Azmoun, Willian, Federico Bernardeschi and Xherdan Shaquiri

    Most of my holds are transfer related given football is off the table at the moment.

    Some really good shouts there. I'd predict all them to have a high probability of moving.

  • Icardi, Ousmane Dembele, Draxler, Cancelo and Sorloth.

    Icardi the main one for me. Seems to have an irreparable relationship with Inter and he was only on loan at PSG this season where he performed well. Holding all of the above minus Dembele.

  • Mateta - Good goalscoring record - Seems to want out - Mainz could yet get relegated prompting transfer.

    Willems - Injured - If he doesn’t end up at Newcastle then if he can get fit I hope he joins a PB league team - 22 Dutch caps - Far better than 40p.

    Arnautovic - 47p - I hold out hope that he’ll move back to Prem/Serie A.

    Simon - On loan from La Liga at my team FC Nantes - Whether he stays or returns he has it in him to get towards £1.00 at least.

    Oxford - I’m hoping that the links with Crystal Palace are more genuine than the Championship links!

    I hold 100 of the top two and 50 of the others. Yeah I’m new and yeah they’re part of my portfolio. #misguided?!

  • Jonathan David
    Timo Werner
    Harry Kane
    Diogo Jota

  • Szoboszlai
    Coutinho (MB even if he stays at Barca)

    Hold the top 3 and might buy into Willian soon

  • Grealish

  • Chilwell - Chelsea or City
    Mateta - Newcastle Spurs or Napoli
    Theo Hernandez - PSG
    Thiago Almada - Man City
    Mounir Chouiar - Sevilla

    Let’s see how this message ages in a few months 😂

  • Sancho
    M dembele
    Van de beek

    Only Hold osimhen

  • @osmanlao Can't see Gravenberch moving. Massive potential but it wouldn't be good for him to move at this stage. Surely he would be suited to another season at Ajax.

  • You never know : )

  • Kane, Cantwell, Jota, Griezmann, Geis

  • @MickTurbo I can see most of them happening. Kane I wouldn't be confident on. Surely it would take a record bid to see Kane move and the time I would have thought just isn't right. Won't stop the speculation mind and without moving I'm sure he'll still suck up alot of media

  • @Dalian-Smith yeh I dont think he'll move either, but still think hes a must hold for the next few months at least

  • @Dalian-Smith are you thinking of initial spike or long term holds, great initial spikes although think soumare would drop of unless he ended up at utd. Maxime Lopez and Linton maina are my 2 holds that should see initial 20p spike and both should be good holds going forward, especially Lopez and Bastien is decent shout depending where he goes

  • @osmanlao can't see gravenberch leaving for a good couple years yet

  • Sancho
    Van De Beek

    Couple of cheaper ones- Lallana and Dzyuba

  • Mane

  • Not a single mention of neymar 🤔

    I'll go neymar
    Mouse dembele

    For media wins over next 4 months

    Obviously sancho will win most but I think he his to far stretched from the rest of the market so potentially a bit of a drop coming

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