• To the FI SQUAD

    Firstly I hope the squad and their families are all well. A lot of topics on here surrounding 'selling' people are not happy, instant sell has been suspended for obvious reasons etc. So I've come up with the SOLD TRACKER and its really easy to use, this process will reassurance the FI members of all the details regarding selling their own players.

    Player :
    Shares listed :
    Shares sold :
    Share price sold :
    Listed date :
    Completed date :

    If members want they can send screenshots.

    My last player I sold;

    Player : Paul Pogba
    Shares listed : 300
    Shares sold : 300
    Share price sold : 7.89
    Listed date : 07.04.20
    Completed date : 15.04.20

    Hope this can help the Squad.


  • @Dav you mean just like the other thread that has been running for months?

  • oops, I never saw it

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