• Still a great hold, constantly bringing home media divs. Age aside what do you all think?his yield must be one of the best on platform?

  • Totally agree he’s a great hold until at least the Euros and most likely even the World Cup now. The shape he keeps himself in, if he remains injury free will still be in the top 10 players on the world. His dividend return recently has made him fantastic value.

  • I can’t fathom that traders turn their nose up because of his age. The guy blinks his eye and he’s in the media. He’s my Mr Reliable for a few pennies in the morning!

  • I brought 350 shares in him 3 weeks ago, if football gets cancelled till September, i think I will get over 50 % just in divs, let alone bit of Capp app. 18 weeks till end of aug. You’d think he can easily return 7 to 8p divs per week. No brainier! Imagine if he becomes a manager, might as well hold on to him forever 😂😂

  • I’ve been waiting ages to get back in profit before selling him but I’m torn now due to the divs he brings in whilst there’s no football.

  • @HUFCPaul keep him, if the rest of the leagues get cancelled, he will rise further and the divs will keep rolling in. Just seems like a little bit of loose change but over the next 4 months it will mount up to decent profit!!

  • man is a genius and great hold until at least July, just wish I had some shares myself lol!

  • He will still be a good hold for pb and mb for at least 2 years after football restarts.
    In the meantime good 3-4 maths solid mb

  • Age affects most players but not CR7, he’s a physical beast in better shape than footballers 10 years younger than him and his head has always been in the right place, plenty of years left in the tank🔥

  • I'm loving the divs and his price is holding, I've listed a few times but end up removing as whilst is mb only he's always got a good chance.

    I'm actually now thinking longer term too with 2 international tournaments coming back to back.

    This break may buy him playing time fitness wise, but I reckon Wcup might be the end?

  • @Coop-dog 50% really, you think he will land over £1.50 in divs in that time

  • @MUFC said in Ronaldo:

    @Coop-dog 50% really, you think he will land over £1.50 in divs in that time

    Ambitious shout from the @Coop-dog there, well called @MUFC 😅😅

    @Westy that's a massive shout regarding him having the chance to recharge his batteries. A 5 month break could extend his top level career by two seasons.

  • @Lukeroro absolute class player and loved watching him since its debut but unfortunately he is on the downward hill now, fact. I wouldn't be surprised if MLS came calling next year he would go. Think euros be his last tournament, with world cup 2 half years away it seems a tall order and Portugal may have moved on by then, they have plenty of younger players coming through

  • The thing about Ronaldo, and I appreciate that it’s extreme media only right now, but if he’s gone some way towards covering his cost in dividends and funded your other purchases, like Rooney now, he still might pop up and get you a few more quid even if he’s joined Beckham!

  • @MUFC MLS has been calling definitely for years 😅 his ego won't let him. Similar to the way Zidane retired after the 06 World Cup, I think that's what Ronaldo seeks to do. I just don't see him playing in America, Qatar or China.

  • @MUFC I brought him at £2.89, he retured 23p in April. Do if he did that another 4 months till end of August, that would be £1.15 (so 40%). But if your gradually investing that money into other players and you get say 10/15% in Capp app on ronaldo himself. All together that looks like a good trade, I know he gotta continue picking up that amount of MB but I wouldn’t say I’m in dream world

  • @Coop-dog to be fair, it's not impossible. There are media cycles, Pogba, Fernandes, Ighalo and Rashford will be back soon, Hazard and Sterling will have cheeky stints, Kane will be back, Neymar has been quiet so far.

    If anyone can maintain it it's Ronaldo. No, it's Pogba. They run each other close!

  • @Lukeroro agree with you every player has their good month. Sort of flavour of the month!!

  • All Good and well sitting on him and winning divs but I can't see rise in cap app. I hold a small amount myself after selling alot of him off but for me to buy back in at his current price and then try sell him off again just isn't worth it in my opinion

  • Still not as good as the real Ronaldo, no matter how many goals he scores

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