Do we think media will open up to European outlets

  • After seeing the new advert on twitter and mentioning uk media.

    Do we think they will open up European media ?

  • @NewUser5559 they really should do as it would bring even more value to holds, said before should be 2p per top player in their country

  • @NewUser5559

    Certainly hope so, MB is currently the biggest problem FI have got IMO; system is fundamentally broken & wide open to corruption. Whilst I understand the need for a media based reward to fill a non football day void (even before & after CV crisis) the fact that the same handful of winners appear everyday & literally just a couple of journalists can determine the winner means it is currently far too simple to fix/corrupt.

    If you read a random days media & picked the most likely top 10 players to feature you would probably only get 3/4 right yet I could give you 3/4 named players that will win MB virtually everyday, irrespective of how often they actually appear in the media - How can that possibly be right?? Yes there can be problems with RSS feeds, clickbait media outlets & dodgy journalists but it simply looks corrupt & the sooner this fabled media review changes it the better IMHO. If European platform expansion is to happen then their media needs to be included, so it's essential as well as desirable.

  • I think the opening up of media to European outlets could change the landscape of MB for some players and their prices

  • @Collymore10 then that's just tough in my opinion, why not use each pb countries top 3-5 media outlets to determine that particular countries winner, it hasn't always been a 3,2,1 media system or whatever they want to implement, surely it has to bring added value to players of pb countries, e.g. Maxime Lopez in France has been in a lot of their outlets over last couple weeks as he has been strongly linked with villa, spurs and Sevilla but he will win fuck all over here, he would of in France if this system was implemented, which would in turn raise his price significantly if people seen him as a good mb hold

  • @NewUser159387
    Just out of interest if it’s so obvious and you’re so great at predicting top mb literally every time then why would you want a revamp?

  • @King-Fergus

    I would want to put the long term health, integrity & success of the platform ahead of my own personal gain. I think it's unhealthy that the most expensive player on the index is 40%+ more expensive than the next best player, (& many times more than the other 3000+ players) largely if not entirely based on his ability to win a prolonged period of MB, many of which are directly attributable to the output of just a couple of media outlet/journalists.

    Success on FI should be largely based on both your football knowledge & trading ability, built around the on field performances of footballers, not just predicting what the Daily Express might push as clickbait. Sancho & Pogba will always win plenty of media but the current system is too distorted towards them & more importantly totally disregards many other newsworthy players, MB needs to be a demonstrably fair reflection of what is being reported across the media on any particular day & the current system is anything but that.

  • I've put this message on other similar threads, but the more time that passes, the less keen I am on this. If nothing else, if people think the existing system is flawed, probably the worst thing you can do is add another layer of complexity on top (like having to deal with foreign sources and translations). Personally, I'd look at the existing UK sources, maybe limit the number of articles that can count from any one source, revisit the key words and try to set clearer guidelines on what stories will be ineligible. Once that is all sorted, then look at adding foreign sources in due course, if there is still demand.

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