1st year on FI, honest real not in profit portfolio.

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    Well a turbulent 1st year on FI, that green shoots were finally growing before Mr Covid 19 showed up.
    I appreciate most people have made money, know what they are doing and it's easy blah, blah, blah,look at my port it keeps rising 🤑🤑. tbh it is if only we all had a little hindsight. !!!!

    I started FI because a work colleague told me about it and how much money you can make, Its easy. He told me who to buy and I chose people who I knew.

    I've gone back through my transaction history its not pretty.
    A year ago I held 🥺😂 the likes of
    Parejo @1-32, kroos @£1-58 ,Reece james @£1-23 ,hakimi,nkunku,richarlison, etc,etc it gets worse there were more. 😲

    Did I hold them ....did I f@#k😡 like a bell end I was impatient.
    Due to season being nearly over and not knowing about the cycles on FI all players were flying up all around me, transfer rumours etc.

    My PB players and youth were doing nothing, so IS'd players 😯, jumped on rising players and got burned as they dropped, then as the season started the players who I owned before then were now flying....and yes my portfolio would have been double,triple,....'ffs you twat'- what should I do..

    You've guessed It 👍 that's right I sold up and chased my old pb players for them to drop whilst everyone jumped onto the youth cycle....typical.

    I'm now spiralling out of control not knowing which way is up or what to do so I Direct Messaged some of the forum top contributors and they all offered great advice on strategies, cycles, and players.

    So luckily in January FI had the their offer on where they'd top up losses of any new purchases that dropped, so I wiped my slate/portfolio clean and started fresh. I jumped on board Bruno F train @7+ whilst crapping it as I've never had a premium player before and got off at £9-50 which helped bring my losses back.
    I sold him and set my new portfolio up to where it is today which was going in the right direction.
    Until Mr Covid 19 showed up, where like most others ports its going to be red for a while.

    The biggest thing I've learned about on this platform which is obvious to everyone is 'Patience' - 'if you are new to to FI and worried about your port during this moment in time don't be as everyone else will be going through red numbers until football starts'.

    I'd like to thank a lot of the forum guys for there help and some of the excellent info, I'll not name them here as I don't want it to lead to forum fight.

    Happy FI sunday 🍻🍻!!!

    Ps I held 100@ ighalo at @34p a until few days before transfer window shut due to the rumours.

    I can't change anything but I've learned the hard way.

  • @Doug-s a nice self reflective input we’ve all been there mate

  • thanks for sharing, glad to hear you feel you're back on track. Keep plugging away! The forum is a really useful place to get a grasp on things but ultimately everyone makes mistakes like getting out too early, getting a player at their peak price etc.

  • Really interesting insight you’ve given. Commend you for having the courage to post the losses and your learning experience. Onwards and upwards mate!👍🏽

  • @Doug-s said in 1st year on FI, honest real not in profit portfolio.:

    The biggest thing I've learned about on this platform which is obvious to everyone is 'Patience'

    Add to that avoiding the urge to over trade & chasing trends that are just about to burn out & you've nailed it. Easier said than done though! Great post.

  • We’ve all made mistakes, mine mostly being buying Kroos at over £5 and selling Bruno at £2 something.
    Always good to reflect. I started in Nov 18 and if I’d stuck with my original port I would likely be well ahead of where I am now ROI wise albeit still doing ok.

  • @Doug-s

    Fair play to you mate for posting your experience I rate you. I think we all have made mistakes with our styles of buying, selling an timing etc but its the mistakes where you can really learn from. Patience is something that I learnt too and is key in this game.

    I hope you have a more enjoyable experience on FI with tons of profit going forward. Best of luck mate and yes your right this forum is fucking amazing.

  • This is brilliant mate, I had a very similiar start to you and I still haven’t fully recovered from stupid errors I made in the two months. Reassuring to know someone else has gone through it and it ain’t just you!! I also realised the importance of patience.

  • Thanks for sharing, very useful post to those starting up.

    I had a great first 8 months and then hit a bump due to over trading so always useful to reflect and learn from mistakes.

    I expect you will have a much better year this time round being much wiser. Patience is everything.

  • Great post and congratulations on sticking with it. Great incite into all the ups and downs of FI. Good luck for future and update us when you’re out of the red.

  • @Doug-s you learn massively from those mistakes. In my early days I over traded, chased trends that were about to fizzle out and IS'd far too much. I managed to stay in the green but only really thanks to some young 'wonderkids' who were priced absolutely miles below the IPO price of an absolute nobody these days.

    I'm talking about guys like Odegaard who I paid about 62p for, and Osimhen who I paid 43p for. But for these 2 trades, theres big chance that I'd have been in the red at times in my first 6 months. As long as you learn from these mistakes you'll be smashing it, footy or no footy.

    For example, my 2 only real MB guys are Kane and Pogba. Got a couple with a little bit of a media presence but it's those 2 really. They were smashing it for me but have quieted down lately. I've really considered listing 1-200 of my 500 Kanes in the last week or so but I haven't cos he will be back amongst it and may even place today. Already Pog looks like hes got a great chance of taking top spot today.

    A years less experience and I'd have probably listed the pair of em hoping to get on Sancho who may or may not he at a peak. You'll be stood in great stead to do much better for having learned these lessons

  • @Doug-s i did exactly the same with ighalo. A bit gutting. I think I’m fairly successful though. I’ve over double my investment.
    But we all make errors, I’m sitting on a 60p a share loss on Bruno, but I’m confident I’ll come out with a profit so I’m holding.
    Good luck and patience are the key, best to buy quality cheaply than fads expensively.

  • You’re not the only one mate

    Patience is the key word but then you feel like you’re missing out on the hottest trends. It’s a bit of a catch 22

  • @Doug-s Really refreshing honest post and a great insight for less experience traders.
    As you said patience is key and also over trading is not always beneficial even though quite often the loudest noises are to cash in on spikes.
    Good luck for your second year, no doubt you will see a much more profitable one!

  • When I started in November 18 I thought I had done my due diligence, I was wrong. Started with £500 and was down a few hundred within a couple of weeks. I had watched all the Fig stuff on YouTube and had years of football manager and fantasy league in my locker.
    Don’t get me wrong this knowledge helps, but the nuances of FI can catch everyone out.
    I was lucky that, just after I joined the share split got announced and everything rocketed and that’s when I went in harder myself.
    Just recently hit 100% roi.
    But like I’ve said, I think I got lucky with my timing. Listening to recent podcasts, if we have 600k sign ups and only 50k users then I’m extremely optimistic that we’re still in the infancy of this product.

  • Well Done on being so honest regarding your portfolio and a great way of showing new traders that its not all rainbows and unicorns..

    This platform is no different to the stock market and if people think they are coming here to get rich quick then they are in for a rude awakening

    Once again well done and keep going as the platform is in its infancy and you will do really well over the long run once you are patient and disciplined

  • I was -25% in nearly a year in 2017

  • @Tom77 said in 1st year on FI, honest real not in profit portfolio.:

    I was -25% in nearly a year in 2017

    Now 308% up

  • @Doug-s

    Fantastic post! Made me laugh out loud that bit about jumping on cycles just as they are about crash and burn 😂 We have all been there...and we all curse under our breath : “twat! what was I thinking”.
    But whereas most ppl just puff out there chest and bang on about their winners, very few have the guts to talk about their howlers. And that’s why this post is so valuable- It’s ok to laugh, share and then learn from our shockers. 😉💪🏻

  • I remember buying belotti for a transfer in 2017 summer and the first dodgy rumour I instant sold him and then bought him back and did it again!.
    Trades like that and noT understanding pb when it came in and the addition of 1000s of players rather than 200 - people reckoned the index would be full of pennystocks.
    I was an instant sell dream for FI as a big panic seller.

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