£73.30 in dividends in April. How important are dividends? Experienced and New traders

  • Started on Jan 1st News years day. Ventured into Football Index the season before but was clueless and ended up selling up but came crawling back.

    So I have constructed my portfolio based on MB players and after a slow couple of months dividends have really started to pick up

    jan £1.23
    feb £5.48
    mar £30.24
    apr £73.36

    How important are dividends?


    50 x Sancho @ £10.43
    50 x Neymar @ £8.70
    50 x Pogba @ £7.84
    50 x Haaland @ £6.48
    50 x Kane @ £6.58
    50 x Rashford @ £5.43
    50 x Grealish @ £5.28
    50 x Coutinho @ £3.24
    50 x Adama @ £3.35
    50 x Richarlison @ £2.30
    50 x Martial @ £2.40
    50 x Jiminez @ £1.74
    50 x Bellerin @ £0.84
    30 x Lingard @ £0.90
    32 x Gilmour @ £3.05
    25 x Mbappe @ £7.40
    25 x De Bruyne @ £4.94
    25 x Maddison @ £4.54
    25 x Hudson Odoi @ £3.45

  • @Mr-Richard-T nice dividend returns for the month especially as no football glad to see someone is winning some money 👍

  • I bought 30 Neymar and got hooked on the small amounts trickling in. I now own

    100 Pogba
    91 Bruno
    77 Werner
    100 Coutinho

    I am trying to aim for dual threat MB and PB players. I sold Neymar too soon predicting the cancellation of Ligue 1 but i didn't realise how much people would buy him at the end of the net buy bonus.. I want to buy him back but i dont think he will drop to the price i sold him let alone what i bought him for.

    Overall i think divs are very important if reinvested wisely

  • Harry Kane accounts for 40% of my port and hes returned me nearly £200 pounds in the last two months. Pretty happy with that considering current circunstances. Dividends are a good source of steady income, that's how I see it

  • @Millonarios Same happened to me getting hooked on small amounts coming in.

    That's my aim now also dual threat MB and PB.

    Great holds I'm gutted I missed Bruno and Werner!!

    As for Neymar I think long term could be worth it. MB and PB, possible transfer and World cup. Who knows but i will continue to hold.

    And totally agree yes

  • @Johnny-Sack Harry Kane not a bad hold in my opinion. If you don't mind me asking how many Kane shares and @ what price? £200 on Kane alone in 2 months that's fantastic!

    Definitely a good source of steady income if reinvested wisely. I've been going for cheaper players who could grow in price 6 months - 1 year

  • @Mr-Richard-T I got Werner at a good time but Bruno at a bad time. He got 15 pound of divs and about 10 pound bonus but he is 30p cheaper than when i bought him. I think he is a good long term hold though.

    Neymar is definitely good in the long term IMO. I just tried to get a bit too tricky thinking i could sell him for a pound of profit with about 10 pounds divs earned and then buy him back 50p a share cheaper, but he is about 50p dearer now. I am definitely going to buy him again sometime.

  • 0_1588543666929_Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 23.07.01.png

    I'm happy with him getting a couple top MB spots a month for the time being. I'm sure when football starts he'll be getting some PB as well.

  • @Johnny-Sack Thats exactly the kind of thing i am aiming for but with 4 or 5 players then sell hopefully to at least break even on my buys at World Cup 2022 and have the dividends as profit.

    The only real trouble is there is so many great players and about 1000 of each is expensive for me.

  • Nice Div returns mate, I would always invest the divs, Compound interest- read it- works wonders

  • @Johnny-Sack Nice hold! I do feel with Kane naturally his price will increases whether at spurs or wherever he gets linked with. He is a goal machine a little injury prone recently hopefully can get over that.

    I don't know about you I feel short term the cancellation of the Euros has stalled Kane's price for obvious reasons but i think long term gains will be huge plus divs so overall not a bad selection

  • @pompeyjosh1990 Cheers mate! Who have been you biggest Div earners?

  • @Mr-Richard-T definitley Sancho and Pogba mate- they are Div kings! Had a fair share through TAA and Neymar too

  • Banned

    shame the footys off for now but media is doing me nicely through april thanks to the regulars pogba kane messi ronaldo sancho etc ive had £427..
    mays earnings so far £39 deffo worth having the big boys but watch the high prices & dont be silly..get in when its good =)

  • Dividends mean not one thing; they mean EVERYTHING!

  • Impressive stats mate, reinvest and continue to build!!

  • All about dividends. And it should be.
    Pogba, Rashford, Werner, Ronaldo, Messi doing wonders in lockdown.

    £160 just yesterday

  • I made £0 in dividends in April as my one potential/partial MB hold (Sterling) was nowhere in the media. All the rest of my holds are PB / young players with potential.

    I'm not unduly concerned about my lack of dividends for April as this was more than offset by generally decent CA across 60% of the port, with another 20% stable, and 20% declining slightly.

    Have considered moving funds into MB but unfortunately my sell queue isn't moving much and worry that I'd be buying at the top of the curve at this point.

  • I agree with @Westy. Dividends are everything at the moment. I've won £703 in dividends since the lockdown, thanks mainly to Bruno. The CA I had gets lost by the time you try to market sell a player in profit.

  • @Mr-Richard-T Congratulations on your recent returns. As @Westy says, dividends are everything. Every players price should be determined by dividend potential or future dividends potential, without them we might as well be trying to sell shares in the Eiffel Tower or Brooklyn Bridge to the next unsuspecting gullible new trader.

    Dividend returns allow you to keep reinvesting and trading without the need for deposits or selling. It also allows your portfolio cost price to keep slowly increasing. The profit amount may vary by the minute but the cost price is a constant stable figure. Dividends also make it much easier to explain and justify to friends, family and anyone interested in signing up.

    My personal target is an average of 1 PB win, 3 MB wins and £100 dividends per week. Despite no PB football for 6 weeks I am still maintaining these averages.

    Good luck 👍

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