Huge changes need to be made in EFL

  • Possibly even in Premier league but for now I will focus on EFL as it's by far the worst case of the negative aspect of the premier league being so cash rich.

    The financial disparity between premier league and EFL is vast.
    TV revenue is roughly 150 million a season at the low end of the premier league and 10 million for the championship.

    Parachute payments are about 40 million the first year decreasing each of the next 2 years.

    So a team who get relegated are suddenly looking to make up 100 million in revenue that first season after being relegated.

    You can see what happens to the likes of Stoke city, Huddersfield, Sunderland etc.

    In stokes case they were almost relegated to the 3rd tier this season and would be paying players like Berahino the guts of 100k a week. That first year after they got relegated they were loaning away players who they had paid 20 million pounds for only a year earlier (Imbula etc) and even after loaning them were still paying the majority of their salary.

    It's a warning to the likes of Bournemouth about what can happen. You always hear how great it is and "the dream scenario of little Bournemouth playing in the premier league" and it is a dream.

    But the longer they stay up the more and more they spend on players like Jordan Ibe, when is the last time he contributed something meaningful to Bournemouths success? I can't see clubs lining up to take him even for free at this stage. If Bournemouth ever go down the dream quickly turns into a nightmare as their fairly meagre home support is suddenly their main source of income.

    Then you also have clubs gambling just to get into the premier league.

    Aston villa last time they got promoted needed a near miracle run just to get into the playoffs let alone win them.

    And believe or not they paid more In salaries than Ajax who played in the champions league finalists that year. They had Micah Richards who played 45 minutes for his 2.5 million salary that season. He wasn't injured or anything he just had his feet up getting rewarded for being a decent prespect 15 years prior.

    Further down the ladder the more and more reliant clubs are on match day revenue.

    Accrington chairman says he will not field a team if this season is concluded behind closed doors, they will just take walkover defeats even if it means getting relegated as they just don't have the half a million pounds it will cost to take their players off of furlough with no money coming in.

    How are teams spending so much with so little income? They are over reliant on rich owners who are bankrolling the spending hoping to achieve the premier league dream.

    But you can see with some owners like Duthcalet of Charlton going AWOL and the ceo even unable to get in contact with him that this is not sustainable.

    Coronavirus is just the straw that broke the camels back IMO and something like this was bound to happen eventually

  • Sorry for writing practically an article but I am an avid follower of EFL football as it's a lot more unpredictable. Notts County last year were favourites to win league 2 and finished dead last. But I have fears about the future of all 3 leagues.

  • Dutchalet is not the owner of Charlton, he owns the ground and the training ground. They have a new group that bought them called ESI. They have gone to the wall, Chairman Southall has been slung out of his role but is a 35% stake holder in ESI so still technically tied to the club, that is prompting the new owner Tahnoon Nimer to not put a penny into the club till he is out the frame. Even tho Nimer himself failed to satisfy the EFL his source of funds hence Charlton being under a transfer embargo.

    They are in big trouble, Southall and his pals took hundreds of thousands out of Charlton just before this Covid 19.

    Dutchalet values his assests at 60 mill which is totally unrealistic so in reality Charlton as a club are now worth nothing to an investor. If their current crop East Street Investments turn out to be what they appear to be “chancers” then Charlton will be begging their old owner Dutchalet to rescue them as he is the only person with anything to lose being the current owner of ground/training ground.

  • I don’t particularly have any sympathy for clubs that gamble on PL survival by paying too much money for overpaid and injury prone mercenaries and then end up in financial difficulties if they go down and don’t get back up at the first attempt. I have sympathy for the fans. As a Newcastle fan I’ve suffered relegation twice under Ashleys reign and know how it feels. My very first toon game with my dad was a CL game against Juventus that we won and if you told 6 year old me that as a young adult I would be following my club to league games to places like Burton I would’ve thought they had been taken over Abramovich style: not we going down and meeting them. Football comes in swings and cycles and just because everything is rosy at the minute, doesn’t mean it will be in ten years time. An owner of a relegation fighting football club that doesn’t prepare his business for what is a realistic possibility in relegation is just displaying poor business management. Relegation clauses exist for a reason and clubs should use them more freely.

    As for further down the ladder it often seems the owners and directors tests aren’t as in-depth as they should be. Far too many examples of bad owner after bad owner been allowed to run a football club exist at that level: with Bury just being the latest not the last example of that trend. It just shows what football has become in England, money rules not fans. Money took over with the birth of the PL and its sought after television rights and fans lost any real power they had. Its sad that owners feel the need to gamble with the future of an institution that means so much to the people who really care about it the most in the fans and those fans are the ones who have the least amount of power/say on how its run.

    The Germans (as they often do) got the balance between fans and money much better than us. The 50+1 rule gives club members a real say in how their club is run and what do they get back from that. Lower ticket prices, clubs having less debt and fans not being treated like cash cows. No Glazers, Ashleys, Korenkes, Venkys, Abu Duabi Sikhs or Saudi Arabian investment funds in sight. Just responsible run clubs with their fans having a real say in how its run (as well as Red Bull Leipzig).

  • Coronavirus is just the straw that broke the camels back IMO and something like this was bound to happen eventually

    I agree that alot of clubs have financially over extended themselves, owners have been rolling the dice to chase the riches at the top of the pyramid and there was going to be a fall out to this somewhere along the line. However no club could have planned to survive an event like conoravirus where essentially revenues have come to a halt overnight and indefinitely.

    In Germany 1 out of every 3 clubs will go under unless they finish the season and that league is often held up as the example of doing it right by the football 'purists'.

  • @Gillskm123 It makes you wonder how these people constantly pass the "fit and proper" test to run football clubs.

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