• Can't help but think Doucoure is a great shout at only £1.30, absolute bargain for a player of his quality and gonna go up with all the transfer rumours to big clubs over the summer, cashing out just from the rumours will earn you a hefty profit IMO and if he does go to a big club (I think he will) then he will absolutely go above £2.00.

  • I don’t think he will go to a big club I think he will end up at Arsenal :-D

  • LOL well I think even Arsenal are big enough for him to go over £2.00!

  • I'm definitely holding long term for Doucoure... Good on the ball, pass and move mentality and can even score or goal or two!

    Someone big/Arsenal will definitely be interested in him over the summer!

  • Just to play devil's advocate, does he really offer more PB or MB potential than someone like Mousa Dembele at £1.28? I'm not seeing the value myself.

  • @playingcards1 This would be my view too. I can see Doucoure getting a rise while the rumours are ongoing, but no reason he would be above 2.00 at Arsenal given that Ramsey, for example, is just under that having recently won triple PB dividends and with more EL PB opportunities to come and possible contract/transfer buzz over summer. A month ago Ramsey was 1.40 and three months ago he was about 1 pound (I don't own him, just to be clear, but think he makes for a useful comparison).

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