Thoughts on Werner

  • As a Liverpool fan plus I do hold Werner I would love to see him come to us and think he would be great addition. The only thing is though seems to be mixed msg everyday.
    If he didn’t come to us and this kills me to say it, to get the maximum out ov his price I think it would be better if he went the mancs in red

  • Release clause is up in a month if it's gonna happen it'll have to start moving into motion soon. I think there's a growing chance that he stays for another season

  • he still has 3 years left at RB... I see him staying another year, Bayern dont want him as they are going all out for sane an liverpool seem all over the place atm

  • I think he will leave Leipzig this window. He has been at Leipzig for four years and I think he wants a new challenge and prove his worth somewhere else.

    He's a good PB hold at current price regardless. A move to the PL would increase his MB potential considerably and CA to follow

  • Personally i think it's been the worst kept secret for about a year...always have been convinced he'll end up at Liverpool if the deal isnt already done i can't see it being far away. Only think could scupper it is how the covid affects the market i guess....

  • I think he was probably banking on a good performance at the Euros to get his big money move.

    If Leipzig can win the BL, I think he will be happy to stay for another year.

    I'm just generally quite pessimistic about big moves happening this summer now.

  • He seems to have settled at around the £6 mark for now. He could go either way in my opinion. I am up a bit on him but I think he could go up another £1 to £1.50 in the near future.

    I nearly put him in the sell queue but have decided to hold as he will probably get a couple more MB days before footie returns and if German footie starts again who knows? Just my thoughts.

  • i think he will leave this window depending on the effect of covid 19 on large transfers.Being a Liverpool fan im hoping he heads our way and think with klopps contacts in the BL that is very likely.Think his buy out clause is just over 50 mil, he is agreat buy at that price .He is sure to go up very quickly on here too if that happens.A good hold either way imo.

  • A very good all round buy ATM. PB and MB potential. Any good performances will bring more media hype.

  • Liverpool now linked with Joaquin Correa from Lazio, does seem like he’d suit liverpool IMO

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