Outcome of wednesdays meeting in Germany - Poll

  • Every noise seems to be a positive one the last day or so, what do we think?

  • We need an answer and it will probably be yes. If Ze Germans set a date it will domino effect to the other leagues. I, as many would love to see a game of footy again but has to be safe.

    I had my doubts a couple of weeks ago but now with the curve and R numbers and other all other important doojameeflips all going well I have a little bit more optimism that the leagues can finish.

  • What time is an announcement expected? - i suspect they will aim for Mid June

  • 10 players/staff positive tests out of over 1700. I think it will depend on how many positive cases if any are found on the 2nd round of testing.

  • @Advinculas-Index I think if they do give a date it may be sooner than that. I dont know what time it will be but i imagine the ticker will tell us

  • I am hopeful of a positive outcome tomorrow. Not sure about the 4 players in red though, they are not looking too healthy...


    Edit: Maybe positive outcome is a bad term of phrase during a pandemic...

  • I've voted yes and I think with the German mentality they'll want to be back first.
    They seemed to be aiming for May 9th initially, so I will say back on 23rd May.

  • 🤞 Yes... Cmon some footy!

  • Have you seen the Kalou stories. He might have blown it for all. I’m guessing the clubs have made all sorts of promises about controlling contact etc and he posts a video showing that they can’t???

  • @Ringers you might be right 😫

  • Kalou has basically performed the sort of tomfoolery that many idiots will do in all working environments but the high street retail shop won’t get shut because of it.

    I went to the supermarket yesterday and people didn’t keep their distance. When we’re told 2 metres people interpret that as 1 so now the government are hinting at 1m people will be even more blasé. It’s like driving a car, you can be the best and safest driver but if somebody else isn’t then you’re dead!

    Are they having the teams locked away for months? (Seems unfair) Because if they interact with their family members who interact with others or even push the button to get into nursery/handle a petrol pump then how does BL control it... but that’s the same for any ‘normal people’ at work. We can’t control the actions of others whether they get it accidentally or more foolishly.

    For the record, I desperately want football back.

  • Video wont make a jot of difference to the decision ffs lol

  • It may not make any difference at all. But I think the comparison between supermarket staff and pro footballers is stretching a point.
    Supermarket, factory and office staff will fuck around but they won’t make the headlines unless it’s immensely stupid.
    He has made the headlines, which will annoy the powers that be, they need to avoid the general public thinking some are above the law.

    (For the record, I too desperately want a return to football, but I think this might have blown it)

  • @Ringers
    Idiot move perhaps but in actual fact two tested non carriers were shaking hands.
    Not the biggest deal in the world for me.

  • Reliable source 👍


  • @ScouseSte cheers, I don't know who the source is but if u say hes reliable then thats good enough for me. That's massive news

  • @MickTurbo

    There's a few "blue ticks" tweeting the same story but it's coming from Reuters so it's got plenty of weight behind it.

    Its had hard to see it not going ahead now mate

    They did 1700 tests on the top 2 Bundesliga teams/staff in the first round of screenings - only 10 positive for Covid.
    They are now in 14 day quarantine and another round of tests will no doubt be underway.

    Covid is going to pop up everywhere over the next 12 months or so, and I think Germany above all realise that. It's not a case of hiding from it anymore. It's dealing with it as it comes.

    Football's coming home boys!

  • Do any UK TV networks show Bundesliga?

  • @kristiang85 bt sports I think

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