Announcement (edit turned out to be initial phase of order books)

  • In the last market update announcement on the 23rd april they hinted at further announcements in the coming weeks, that was almost 2 weeks ago.

    So, with the positive rumours of bunsldesliga starting up again in the next couple of weeks, is anyone else expecting an announcement today/tomorrow to tell us of an announcement next week (in typical fi fashion) and what are you expecting to be announced

  • Not sure it’s needed really, other than confirmation that any match days in May will get both PB dividends AND 5 media places. That’s potentially 8 different players winning money, and 43p of dividends in a single day if we manage to get any gold days. They’ve confirmed this on Twitter but not on official channels yet as far as I know.

    I imagine the next announcement will be about what happens in June, but they’ll leave this as late as possible to see what happens in the meantime.

  • FI has already confirmed that 5 placed media dividends will be until the end of this month, so I'm not expecting any announcement until the last week.

  • Let's hope the 10 that tested positive to covid 19 doesn't scupper the restart plans.

  • @Coleyscrooge The 5 place media continues until the end of May but the enhanced PB days are for the last remaining matchdays this season whenever that may be (If the seasons conclude)

    Bundesliga is safest but could be some good money earned in the other 3 leagues for people willing to gamble on them returning.

  • "Our moving the gold posts thresholds will apply until the conclusion of the 19/20 season whenever that may be"

  • This is what I was thinking might happen when I started the thread a few days ago

    0_1588869164975_Screenshot_20200507-173142_Football INDEX.jpg

  • I'm nervous about this to be honest...

  • Old news.....

  • @kristiang85 why? I've not had experience until I messed around with it on (shouldn't say the name, wont say the name, oh does it actually matter) footstock, and its fine there so I'm more than confident it will work well under FI

  • Major positive for the platform but I hope they include educational tutorials to not off-put people who may be worried about them. Once order books come in I think we will just be waiting for an auction systems for IPO’s in terms of user functionality?

  • Another announcement about an announcement.

    Brought to you by FI.

  • PB back on the horizon.....

    Order books on the horizon....

    All that money that has been squeezed to the MB players lately could be getting a release valve opened with a chance for some to take there money/profits without having to instant sell.

  • Order!!!


  • Superb news this

    Regardless of your anxiety or excitement towards order books, this represents significant progress 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Auction ipos imo, about time.

    ....order books end goal....

  • I agree. Game changer.

    Great news

  • Going to be interesting as everyone wants a bargain... Ports will take a big hit. But I'm enjoying OB on FS so much more confident than I was that prices can go up as well as down.

  • It also explains why they've held the spreads this wide for this long, as many of us suspected it was because that is how the spreads will look permanently now.

    Would've been daft to put them back to previous levels for a couple of weeks, only to increase again later.

    I'm telling ya, FI are learning and maturing all the time!

    *except for that stupid April fools Belarus "prank" recently 😏😂

  • What are the main ramifications of order books likely to be? How will they change how the game works and what are the possible impacts?