Timo Werner jumping to second in MB with three minutes to go...

  • Kind of nonsense is that!?

  • Depends what side of the fence you are on. Pretty good nonsense for me 🤣

  • Would have preferred Bruno to jump into fifth at the very least haha

  • He jumped with a story from sky sports. The story of clicked on was a summary of all newspaper stories from the day. These also included a thomas partey story which received no points. It’s a piss take

  • It happens. Amuses me more when people get angry and start shouting fix when it means FI have to pay out 5x more

  • Partey ruined!!

  • @Thatguy who is shouting fix? Just asking for some kind of accuracy and fairness

  • @Hotspur hahaha love it

  • The latest stories are of a 3 way fight between Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool. This guy will return a lot more MB divs over the next month or two.

    German leagues starting back up
    "Utd send scouts to watch Werner vs X and Y team" 40 points

    If he plays well in a match

    "Klopp Kop target is top of the pops" 200 points

    If he joins a pl team he will get even more MB and Cap app

    If he doesnt he will still be in a league where he averages a goal or assist per game.

    I see very little downside to owning shares right now.

  • @NewUser5849 nobody mate! I wasn’t accusing you at all of that, wasn’t meant as a direct response. Just often see people yelling about fixes on MB and sure someone over on Facebook or Twitter is probably doing so right now 🤣

  • @NewUser5849 The rule i think is if a players full name is mentioned in the headline that player takes the points.

  • @Millonarios the last story was not a headline though. Click into it and it was just a rundown of all stories that had already been scored paper by paper during the day. Only on this occasion Werner got points but none of the other 20+ stories scored anything

  • I clicked and read it but i couldnt see anything about Thomas Partey at all?

    I have lost out before on these last minute stories and i know its annoying but eventually it will go your way sometime. Today was the first time it benefitted me after 2 or 3 times going against me.

  • @NewUser5849 but it was the way Sky released the article that picked up the points. They mention Timo Werner to United. Hes the only player mentioned. Nothing else then matters as they've used that as the headline. The rest of the stories within the article are irrelevant.

  • @Millonarios Werner was not in the bulletpoints at the top. Thomas partey was mentioned full name in the articles the same as Werner was. There was probably 10+ different players names that appeared yet they credit Werner only.
    I don’t play the MB game and think it’s a joke. I select players on their potential and will not pay over the odds for this system which is based on some ridiculous word game and is easily manipulated by journalists with their own financial interests.
    It is no often that a decent hold with proper media stories (ie purely football related) rather than being mentioned in an interview or compared to another player has a chance of winning anything.
    Ronaldo won today because of an interview / article that Wayne Rooney wrote about ravel Morrison. How is that fair?
    The whole thing is a joke

  • @Shippers but click on the article and that is not the headline? So who has changed the headline for FI to “pick it up”

  • I just checked on Skysports, his name is clearly in the headline so nothing has been changed there. The actual article could be about throwing horse dung, it’s irrelevant. Only full name picked up and then scored based on other keywords in the headline. Examples:

    Neymar joins Man United = 40 points
    Messi joins Man United = 0 points
    Neymar Joins Man Utd = 20 points
    Lionel Messi joins Man United = 40 points
    Lionel Messi joins Man Utd = 20 points

    Same story can be worth zero or different points in subtle changes, the article itself is irrelevant. Agree it is open to manipulation but any media based prize is, journos write whatever they like!

  • @NewUser5849 but it is..... if I type timo werner into google this article appears, same thing happens if I go to Sky Sports. If I click into the article the headline remains the same...... it's been picked up simply because the headline says Timo Werner. The timing is just unfortunate.

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