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  • Hi guys,

    Ive been looking around at investing in quality young players from non-PB leagues for long term (12-24 months). Not a huge amount as unfortunately I dont have a bucket load to throw in, but 50-100 shares or so.

    Im sure there are many names out there that Ive seen which are also on the Index, however Ive been looking into the Eredivisie lately, moreso PSv and Ajax (as good players not from these teams in Holland, tend to move to these teams before going on elsewhere - not always though).

    So, the best PSV FI players (IMO):
    Ihattaren (£3.00)
    Malen (£2.53)
    Gakpo (£1.75)
    Dumfries (90p)

    And for Ajax (again IMO) :
    Van de Beek (£2.64)
    Gravenberch (£2.35)
    Neres (£1.86)
    Dest (£1.61)
    Ekkelenkamp (£1.55)
    Eiting (£1.00)
    Tagliafico (92p)

    If you were looking to invest in any of the above, who and why?

    Annoyingly I had both Gravenberch and Ekkelenkamp around the 70-80p mark, and sold when both hit around £1.20ish. Its difficult for me to buy them back so Il give them 2 a miss, doh!

    Leaning towards Ihattaren, great talent, should get transfer news (like Malen and Van de Beek), but he passed the eye test for me which significantly helps my confidence. Not checked into his PB scores but the little red dots by the corner flags on his SofaScore heatmap are encouraging!

    Malen and VDB both top shouts, will get linked always until they move! Consistent performers for their respective teams, and also being in the new-era Dutch national team definitely helps too.

    Dumfries looks like a cheap outside shout and would be great if he had a move this summer, or next the latest. National team preferred choice at RB I think (could be wrong)

    Neres, outside of the Ajax CL hype a while back, is still a very good player, young, dont know what his PB situation is like (I think no setpieces?) but in terms of the 'transfer linked' players above, seems the cheapest?

    Any help is appreciated. Driving myself a little crazy here.


  • @Leclerc
    Neres is the man, potential, move to come soon and a decent player to boot..

  • @Leclerc this could be the big transfer window for left backs moving, Tagliafico being one on that shortlist, alongside Mendy, Telles, Chilwell and more. Could take one move to spring a chain reaction.

    Chelsea want a left back that can defend.
    Barca want backup and potentially a replacement for Alba.
    City might replace Mendy as Pep doesn't seem keen on him
    Juventus are looking for someone to back up and replace Alex Sandro.

    It'll be interesting. 92p could be a snip. His PB history is brilliant as well, particularly for someone not in a PB League

  • Tagliafico is currently 98p, not 92p but obviously still cheap. I know cos he’s on my watchlist 😉

    Am tempted to take a punt on Malen when I get some funds. Only concern is how he will come back after his knee injury.

  • Valid points, there seems to be an impending LB merry go round, Tagliafico would be a decent shout!

    Also, yes, hes 98 not 92p my bad, wishful thinking perhaps!

    Neres at that price does seem a decent punt, isbt the carryinf the heavy transfer spec right noe compares to Van de Beek, but teams do not how good of a player is.

    If only I had the cash to go 100 shares on each of the players on that list!

  • I would say for the price tags on some of those players your better off going into the pb leagues can find just as much value with less risk , risk being (not getting a move )

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