Mohammed Salah

  • Do people think he will continue to fall for the next couple of weeks. Is it worth jumping on now whilst he’s so low due to his pb and mb for when football returns?

  • He doesn't really win PB that often even when fit and playing, not enough to warrant his price at least. I would only buy for transfer spec tbh

  • It's a strange platform sometimes for players and i guess salah is in that category.He is without doubt a superb player.His record is excellent at both roma and liverpool.Imagine if he played at old trafford.The problem with the british sports press they are obsessed with Man utd stories as they know that will sell there papers.There are a number of players on the platform that return small PB but are overpriced.

  • He seems to be the type of player that's a bit of a thing of the past in terms of media interest, personally think he's a bit underappreciated in the Liverpool side. Like the media loves writing about new toys, not ones that have been there for a few years now

  • @ChazFI123 this is true. New and shiny is interesting when it comes to the press. 😏

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