Sergei Milinković-Savić

  • Can anyone shed any light on why this guy is dropping? Seems bizarre with him having so much transfer spec/Lazio having a 4-2 lead going to Salzburg for second leg of EL so favourites to get through to another set of triple PB (on a night when only 2 matches being played). Also going to be on show at WC...

    I do hold him, but this isn’t a worry of his price going down etc, more just a curious case of a man who’s got all the upward trends going in his favour and his price descending. Seems like a perfect chance for a top up, just wondering if I’ve missed something.

  • Yeah seems extremely bizarre to me too, I've been keeping my eye on him and if he drops any further, I think I'm going to grab a bunch of futures in him.

  • Nothing I'm aware of, Lazio have come out and said how much they would want for him, but it isn't really a surprising amount.

    I think there's a lot of positives that you've mentioned, I have a small holding myself but think this could be a good opportunity to top up. Fairly confident his price will restore soon so no need to panic

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