Good time to come back?

  • Hi everyone,

    Would now be a good time to give FI another go? I've got roughly £400 to put in but obviously with the immediate uncertainty surrounding football is this an opportunity to make money or a huge risk? Has the index bottomed out or do we think the prices will drop further.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

  • Banned

    Personally I don't think it will drop much further but there is always a risk

  • @Azer182 Great time to come back.

    Spend a little time assessing the market first though. Most Germany based players have had their rise. Ligue 1 cancelled.

    Serie A, La Liga and EPL (non media) may be worth a look for short term gains.

  • I would at least wait until later this afternoon to see what’s happening in Germany, but still don’t just throw your money in. Do some research on those who have bottomed out, and no one is really sure about the situation in other leagues at the moment, players have definitely bottomed out in some leagues, but who knows when they will resume? Patience is key, bundesliga players have risen but should rise further as it becomes closer to resumption (all depends on what is decided today)

  • @Metropolis thanks. You mean I've missed the boat on the Germany rise?

    I think I'll just study the PL for now.

  • Depends how important £400 is to you, if you put the money in, it will be very hard to get the money back out again for a little while. I really think Germany players will rise a stupid amount if they resume, as you will get gamblers who just want to have something in play. I'm personally waiting a little bit longer until I put anymore money in

  • My portfolio hit an all time high this afternoon. Dropped about 2% after bonus payout. Got that all back and some. I started withdrawing money from sales but have put half of that back in. Opportunities everywhere.

  • I recently came back after 8 months away. Missed it all tbh. I think it might get flatter or dip as we go into the summer as not much football is being played. But then it might not. Up to you mate. ✌🏻

  • As a long term trader I don’t think there’s a bad time to get in but short term although I’ve never taken this approach looks decent doesn’t it BL trend follows by transfer trend , new signing trend not sure after that or I’d be rich

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