Safest Holds for the next 3 years

  • Afternoon.

    Who do you all think are the safest holds over the next three years to keep buying shares in?

    Would be good to hear some opinions.

  • @NorthBankGooner

    Bruno Fernandes will be amongst the highest dividend earners over that timescale, as he fits with both MB/PB scoring & with few uncertainties surrounding his (3 year) future, along with platform expansion/growth, this will maintain & grow his price & makes him about the safest hold on FI IMO. I'd be amazed if he wasn't at least double or treble today's price within 3 years, possible quite a bit more.

  • Bruno safest hold for sure in this climate.

  • @NewUser159387

    What do you think about Harry Kane and Neymar?

    Bruno is an interesting one, a lot of people seem to share your opinion but I can’t make my mind up on him.

  • @ukph

    Not just in this climate though mate I’m asking.

  • I think Bruno Fernandes is a very safe hold, I used to hold but I'd be amazed if he's a lower price than he is right now in 18 months time, with probably atleast 10% of dividends returned in that time.

  • @NorthBankGooner said in Safest Holds for the next 3 years:

    What do you think about Harry Kane and Neymar?

    Safe but steady holds both, transfer speculation will affect both, but Neymar to Barca at some point looks likely which I don't see as too problematic. Kane is interesting as I could have seen him go to Man Utd before this CV happened, now I doubt big money moves will be a priority, so probably stay at Spurs for another season, then maybe Real Madrid, as Levy would be loathed to sell to a domestic rival, so might price him out of that market. I can see them both yielding £1 - £1.50 dividends per year for the next 3 years so will maintain their price but the capital appreciation will be very much dependent on any transfer.

  • Bruno gets my vote as well, expect him to be the focal point of a resurgent Man United side in the next few years.

    Kane gets an honourable mention, transfer spec will continue for 12 months, will have the Euros and then the World Cup.

    A lot will depend on the platform's future, expansion into new markets will almost certainly create new heroes away from the current EPL bias.

  • @NorthBankGooner whenever i see a thread like this at the minute I mention (pump) Serge Gnabry. 24 years old which is a great age. Re-classified to a FWD but a bit of an under reaction to that news IMO basically because a ball hasnt been kicked. But he is gonna be a supreme PB forward. I reckon hes gonna be worth at least £5.50 before the BL returns, with room for plenty of further growth when hes relentlessly in the top few forwards every match day. Bayern will win most weeks. Theyll be at the business end of the European cup every year. Germany will be amongst the favourites for Euro '21 and WC '22 well within the 3 year hold and in which time Messi may have transitioned to a No 9 as CR7 has done, and Neymar never actually plays any footy so Gnabry could be the best PB forward around.

    Call this a pump but it isnt. Everybody knows Gnabry, and I dont care what his price is next week or next month or next year cos my Gnabrys are not for sale

  • Haaland-has to be a good shout also. Media friendly, pb friendly, expect plenty cap app (regular headlines with German league starting up in short term), Young (19?),famous ish dad, remarkably talented, transfer speculation rumbling about.
    Bruno Fernandez- yeah gonna be a star next few years at a very FI friendly club.
    Saint Maximin another good one with the Newcastle takeover think will double or more. Great hair cut 🤪
    Ollie Watkins-talented, Young, transfer spec.
    Marcus edwards- looked sharp af in a couple games I saw.
    Jonathan panzo- think has a transfer to Monaco in pipeline for 1st July. Young English defender. I don’t usually go for defenders much but at 81p I got a handful (20) with bonus money.

    Suggest do yer own research before purchase. There’s lots of good sites that yer probably aware of already. is good for stat overview and has some media type info there too.

    Good luck bud.

  • FODEN or that’s what I’m hoping?

  • @Puddle

    Cheers mate.

    Harry Kane, Neymar and Harvey Barnes are the ones I have gone for, I’m just really interested to see other opinions. There are a lot of players that I don’t think you can go wrong, especially on long term holds.

  • @MickTurbo said in Safest Holds for the next 3 years:

    Serge Gnabry. 24 years old which is a great age. Re-classified to a FWD, he is gonna be a supreme PB forward.

    Once he posts the PB scores everyone hopes for then I agree, rather like Bruno, we all know he's got the game suited to the matrix but PROVING it is the key. Once that happens I agree with you he will get a significant revaluation, as being classed as a Forward not a Midfielder is a major game changer IMO.

  • @Carboney

    Him being at Man City and not playing much really puts me off. I think he is so overpriced at the moment but that’s not me saying he will not grow. Just think there is a lot of risk involved with him more than others.

  • I asked myself this same question which was why I own I come to the conclusion imo people will have different ones , I personally think rashford is the safest hold on the platform as it stands

  • @Lloyddavies

    Don’t disagree in FI terms but I just don’t rate him as much as others do.

  • I would also give haaland a settling in period make sure gives the same goal ratio as he’s done elsewhere and if he does he could be king of the index for some time especially if they enter into Germany with the platform

  • @Lloyddavies

    Think you’re right there, a lot of people seem to jump in very early.

  • @NorthBankGooner the stats kind of back him up mate he’s at a better point right now than Ronaldo was at this stage in his career at United rashford has to come around to the fact he’s better on the left than up top once he accepts that sky’s the limit

  • @NewUser159387 completely agree. But we already know hes got the game. Hes won PB as a mid which is much harder. Hes been deployed in an attacking role nearly always by Bayern, so the only thing that's changed is the 3 letters next to his name on FI. hes won MID PB on several occasions despite the disadvantage of actually playing as a FWD. now hes re-classified hes gonna be a cash cow

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