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  • Full disclosure, I bought Aaron Ramsey when setting my portfolio up for the Euros so it was good to see him finally play and score a couple for his club before everything went tits up. Now he could be the swapsie in the latest instalment of the Pogba saga. Do we think he could succeed at Man Utd? Surely he'd be underpriced if the deal went through? I'm gonna hold until after the Euros but it certainly could make for an interesting season ahead......

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    @FMikey He is one I keep looking at, and keep looking at to buy tonight, but something stops me. dunno what though

  • Personal preference here, if you offered me Ramsey at United 2 years ago I'd have bit your hand off, his ability to score goals when he's on form is amazing. But he turns 30 this year and has struggled with injury problems, so for me the prospect of him joining is a far less attractive prospect now!

  • Really can’t see him at Man Utd.

  • @MrWh1te Maybe his age? I'm fairly new to FI so it took me a while to work out that prices are related in part to age. However, with a couple of seasons at Man U and playing Robin to Bale's Batman at the Euros, I'm now considering topping up for sure....

  • @ChazFI123 Totally agree but if he stays fit, plays regularly at either Juventus or Man U and Wales do an underdog at the Euros, I'd fancy his price topping out at £2 at some point

  • @FMikey hmm I get what you're saying, but reaching 30 is seen as a curse on FI. Just a comparison, but Gundagon is probably a more PB friendly player, playing in the PL and is worth 95p. I'd personally be surprised if he reached £1.50+, look at what their age has done to Parejo, Kroos graphs despite them being fantastic PB holds. Just had a look and he's on £400K a week?! I'd be surprised if United were willing to pay half that

  • @ChazFI123 said in Aaron Ramsey:


    Gundagon topped out at £1.76 in October, probably cos he was getting games and on a run of form. Not saying Ramsey's a rocket but when fit, he's no bench warmer and when he plays, he scores. I smell fuel in him yet.....

  • On massive wages at Juventus, Utd wont pay that, think about it.
    £400k a week.

  • How likely do we think the Utd transfer is now? Ramsey is my longest hold and it's been a bit of a rollercoaster. I've listed for sale at least a couple of times (without selling) and topped up a few times more. Every time I think I might have to accept selling at a loss, a link to the PL crops up again, his price rises and I get greedy and keep holding. Then goes quiet, price drops a few pence and the cycle starts again.

    The fact that yesterday's rise was only a few pence makes me think that people don't believe the Utd link. If they did, Ighalo's price looks achievable to me, as Ramsey is a bit younger and likely to have much more influence on the team, plus he's got the Euros next year too.

    For now, I'm back on the"hold for now" wave but just curious how optimistic people think I'm being about a PL return.

  • @Mintyfresh

    £400k a week, poor injury record, age creeping up & the fact that he's already the millionth player to have a solid Utd link I rate his return to EPL as close to zero. Think he's struggled to settle in Italy so his agent is throwing out stories to gauge if there's any interest in a move but given purse strings are likely to tighten generally for the first time in recent memory & the experience of highly paid, marquee players like Bale, Alexis, Pogba who just turn into wage drains that are virtually impossible to shift I doubt there'll be any takers. A subsidised loan might just work but he looks too expensive even as a make weight.

    He's a decent player when he plays well but that's only once every 8/10 games, so such expensive luxuries are far less attractive currently, China or MLS used to offer an exit but CV might make even those routes less likely. I used to hold but wouldn't want the risk now, if I still held I'd be looking to sell on a performance spike, preferably in what remains of this season.

  • Man United won’t sign Aaron Ramsey.

    Watch this come bite me in the ass 🤣

  • Thanks @Geronimo159387 @ChazFI123 good to get a bit of market sentiment. What I was expecting to be honest. It's the first story on the BBC gossip page today but his price has dropped a penny, so didn't look like people believe it.

    Putting FI to one side, I don't want to see him at a rival PL club, but I'd have him back at the Emirates in a heartbeat. Don't see that happening either though.

  • I got on Ramsey a few weeks ago as his price is ridiculously low for a player of his ability however I do not believe he will go to Man U. If ManU sign all the players they are linked with they will have a 100 man squad.

    I got on him as I hoped that this break/rest will give him a chance to get properly fit and if he can become a regular in the Juve side they are still in the Champions League.

    If he does return to England could see Arsenal and possibly Newcastle (if their new owners have money to burn) going for him.

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