• Anyone think there's some value in Perisic at £1.48.

    Loves a world cup and surely bound to have suitors in the summer again?

  • In the interest of full disclosure, I am a holder - so glad someone else has started this chain so I can comment!

    I totally agree there is value there. Still a distinct possibility he could end up at Man Utd and can see him having a good World Cup. Age isn’t totally on his side, but I can see him breaking £2.00 (or at least getting close) if Croatia have a decent tournament and the Prem rumours start again.

    Noir, as the PB king, do you know how he stacks up on average as a winger?

  • I'm sure I seen someone post this recently. Im sure he's done pretty decent for buzz this season.

  • he's 29 now so i wonder if he'll ever get that 'big move' to England???

    No doubt he's an industrious midfielder with an eye for goal but has the Manchester United boat sailed for our own selfish PB hopes??? I certainly think he'll have a good WC and that will spark interest but maybe a mid range EPL club like Everton or a move to sunny Seville will be as exciting as it gets???

    I would certainly predict short term movement upwards of 50p though as he's one of Croatia's most influential players!!!

  • He's won one PB since the mass IPO, he hit a hat-trick back in December. Don't be misled by all his previous wins when he was often the only player who could win!

    He's the sort of player who needs a couple goals / GWG to have a shot at PB - he's scored over 150pts twice since Jan 1st.

    I don't hold him but would suggest there's some value IF the Utd links re-emerge. Hope that helps.

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