• What are people’s opinions on Harit as a short term investment with potential to rise including PB when it is just the Bundesliga playing?

  • My opinion is that his a quality player that suits FI scoring system. He can play anywhere along the front line an his general attacking ability makes him a threat to the bundesliga defenders. His got links too bigger clubs especially in the bundesliga an thats why December just gone Schalke got him to sign a new contract which expires 2024, I personally think he'll sign for a bigger club in the next 1-2 years.

    His PB scores this season:

    Games : 24
    PB average : 90.75
    PB max : 237
    PB divs : 0.05
    PB yield : 3.13

  • He also played in the same team as Mbappe for France under 19s in the european championship 2016 in germany, they went on to win the tournament an harit also made the team of the tournament along with Mbappe an co.

  • I like him as a player but he is one of those that has a brilliant game followed by 3 or 4 bang on average.

    Not sure how that translates in FI terms as I've only just joined but for me to be interested I'd like him to be a lot more consistent

  • started off season pretty canny, but form/scores went off a cliff for one reason and another

  • I think his at the perfect price range atm an if FI go into Germany then its a win win because they rate him highly

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