Messi, why oh why oh why

  • Everytime I put you in the sales list a week to 10 days later you get written about and look to win top spot with media.

    Im really caught in two minds as to sell up and top up on Rashford or do we think the goat will continue with media over the next year or so?

    I'm stuck.....

  • He will continue to win media in the next year but will also move closer to retirement. The dividends are unlikely to outweigh price depreciation.

  • Banned

    He is one I always look at, and did again today, but just can't accept the risk it would take me to get involved, even though I really want to :p

  • @Millerman sooner of later I think he's gonna start morphing into a number 9. This thought is ultimately what made me leave him alone. Probably a year away at least but the cast majority of people risk getting the exit wrong I think

  • I held until a few weeks back after having him on the queue for weeks. I had been tracking the performance of each group of shares I had bought in him and came to the conclusion that it was not anywhere near profitable enough to be worth while. I do think he’ll return his full value in divs in the three years but his price will drop in line with this and there’s just so many better places to put the money.
    It felt like treading water.

  • @MickTurbo said in Messi, why oh why oh why:

    @Millerman sooner of later I think he's gonna start morphing into a number 9. This thought is ultimately what made me leave him alone. Probably a year away at least but the cast majority of people risk getting the exit wrong I think

    Could go the other way and drop deeper and deeper like rooney (just sick mouthed a little putting Rooney name anywhere near Messi)

    Messi could easily play another 3-5 years as a playmaker behind strikers... Or an out n out striker. His games not really built on pace... But admittedly does use that burst of acceleration every now and again which he will gradually lose.

    If they keep playing the style they do he could do an iniesta job for sure.

  • I've got him in the sell queue but I'm tempted to take him out! He's been there 2 weeks now so must be getting close to the front.

    My dilemma is not even the money, it's the fact he makes PB days exciting knowing you've always got a chance of both top fwd and star player.
    His media appeal is OK too.

    I'm currently down over £1 on the price I paid for him but the divs returned have almost wiped the slate clean.

    ARGHHH what to do!?

    I KNOW if I hold till he retires then I'm consolidating a sizeable loss but selling now seems way too premature, especially with that world cup only 2 years away

  • @Vespasian32 yeh that's true enough. Dont think hes ego driven in the way ronaldo is but still wonder if hed push to go the number 9 route to keep his numbers in the stratosphere. Hed still win more PB than probably any other forward cos hed probs get a brace most weeks but it would affect his base scores negatively. I think if I'd held for a while I'd continue to hold, but as a non holder I sort of see him as a headache I dont need. Theres gonna be loads of exit points on him which is good for holders though

  • @ScouseSte haha everyone who holds must think about when to exit... Everyone who doesn't thinks about when to buy

    One things for sure his detriment won't be slow and steady... He will have big dips and then resurgence several times.

    The tricky thing with him, unlike most players... I think a lot of his divs are back end of career. The mb when he nears retirement, or leaving barca... Or playing his last World Cup etc is going to be insane.

    The question for me is if holding for the next year or so through the euros... Will his divs outweigh the drops? I kinda edging towards buying him while the euros are on as I think he could be quite low then and bounce back in lead up to wc.

    However, if I already held... I'd be arguing that there is always a potential div increase around the corner... Of which he will be a major beneficiary.

    Hope that helps 😂

  • @Millerman
    Go for both :-)
    That’s what I did some time back.
    Football and FI not the same for me without Messi and Ronaldo.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Millerman

    I am in the same boat.

    I purchased 500 shares between 1st-6th February during the super match day points promotion

    500 @ £5.20 per share average.
    Recently purchased 5 additional shares bringing average down to £5.19 per share
    Price now £4.91
    Total loss = £-141.40

    Dividends during that time is showing as £445 pounds.

    However he also earned extra dividends from the super match play dividends during the first month of purchasing. Plus double media dividends which ran not long ago. Which I believe were recorded as
    a bonus and aren't showing in his total dividends.

    All in all I believe his dividends/bonuses have earned me somewhere near £550 during the last 3 months. Not bad at all!

    I also enjoy match days more whilst holding Messi as there is always a strong chance of performance dividends. Even subscribed to La Liga TV for the extra buzz!

    Regardless, I curreny have all 505 futures in the sell queue...

  • We had a conversation along these lines yesterday in a thread I think rashford is a really strong hold but papers are not going to stop writing about messi until he’s dead and probly after because of the record he holds imo you can’t go wrong with messi for Mb one of the strongest when football resumes . Messi could take a throw in and win media buzz for the best technique in a throw ever the guys just media heaven , I don’t hold because he doesn’t fit my trading strategy but very good hold at least for another season

  • Curious to know - those who have recently sold Messi or don't hold, who have you (or will you) replace him with?


    Frequently wins MB
    Frequently wins PB
    Good current price vs divs return

    All based on here and now. No future/career divs etc, needs to be a player returning dividends (obviously when matches resume)

  • @Metropolis Bruno closest I can come to for criteria of hitting both pb and mb without a negative move on the cards. But we are still yet to see if Pogba stays, and if he does how will they fare together... Likewise rashford/pens. But Bruno is one of the safest premiums

    Can't think of many who I'd buy tho. Werner? But if he doesn't move to pool will he drop a £1?

  • imo he will have peaks higher than his current price on PB trends in future but they won't last, the sell queue for him is likely enormous so he won't sell if you've just listed him. His total div return is outstanding, We will have to see how things play out but there is supposed to be a world cup just under 3 years away. I can't see him not bowing out of international football after that but it wouldn't surprise him if he kept playing club football a couple of seasons from there just my opinion may well be wrong.
    He won't become a number 9 he has already dropped deeper over the last few years of his career playing and more cm or am type role.

  • @NewUser223568 when did you list your 505 shares mate? I listed mine about 2 weeks ago

  • @Vespasian32

    Helped me in terms of making me want to cancel the sale now haha

    The potential dividend increase (which is something we categorically know FI will be looking at each pre- season ) is one thing I'd not factored in.

    He's still in the queue - for now!

  • @Vespasian32 Bruno is a decent shout. One of the few players who we can expect both sets of dividends from.

    Werner I'm less convinced about to be honest. Not sure how his game suits the current matrix although scoring hat tricks will always help!

  • @Metropolis yeh correct I think what he has as pb threat is better if he stays at RBL or moves to dortmund/bayern.

    If he comes to the prem he probably switches pb to mb but not both... Unless he really lights it up.

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