Shelling Pea's

  • @TerraTushi Thats why european strikers are going up low value and guaranteed some PB because they score alot of goals. Mertens gets lots of hat tricks Lewandowski goes on sprees scoring 5 per game. 40 points per goal will win it for them

  • As i say it is designed to benefit the big investors with a large portfolio.There is only small benefit to small investors.

  • @TerraTushi said in Shelling Pea's:

    A few weeks ago I was starting to build a portfolio around PB but not after what happened last week and the news that the top 200 is only for the time being. It's hard to know what to do with so much uncertainty, especially with the penny shares talk.

    Wait and see is my current approach. I can imagine there'll be some stand-out players. Happy to miss out on lower prices to make sure I see it in play first- if they go up a bit, fair enough.
    Get it wrong, and your portfolio could tank.

  • A classic example is Mohamed Salah.People sensibly investing in him as he has a big future in the premier league and a worthy investment for anyone.Now after news today people are selling there shares to reinvest in these forign players chasing the dream for a two bob PB payout.

  • @Webby
    Yep those players will definitely get some PB wins, but my certain is how long will it be til something like penny shares comes along everything changes again. I don't know if the few PB wins in the next month or so would make up for the difference in player value should penny shares change everything. I think the most surefire bet is to buy English based players to target media buzz, although that's now less frequent due to PB taking over on big match days

  • This a perfect ploy by FI to entice investors to sell,buy,sell,buy,sell buy etc etc commission on a massive rise lubbly jubbly they must be licking there lips.Taking the piss.

  • To me it just seems to volatile to risk big money. Every time FI announce something the whole market goes insane and prices end up all over the place, sometime you might win out, other times you might lose.

  • @TerraTushi couldnt agree more.I am downsizing my portfolio and i have stopped investing now.I will be looking to relinquish all of my portfolio when i believe the time is right maximising my profit against minimizing my losses.Gutted that this FI is not working for me,but im sure the fat cats are smiling.

  • I jumped on board after the collapse last week and I reaped the rewards with my portfolio up 14% in the last week. As highlighted these penny shares could really hit the market hard. I've been quite fortunate that I went for the top strikers of European football. Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Dzeko, Messi, Ronaldo, Mertens have all seen their stocks rise substantially since last week. I'd be concerned when they announce the penny shares incentives as I think there will be a decrease across the board.

  • @NewUser67492 Great stuff. My entire portfolio has come back even better than before last week!

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