Dividends star!

  • Pretty much my whole portfolio atm is on future stars so it's a patience game which I'm fine with, but I'm depositing more money so I'm wondering who you guys think would be the best to buy with around £200, just someone that's going to earn regular dividends, like obviously the most expensive guys like Messi, Ronaldo, Kane, Salah are all sure things.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas about a bargain who could start earning some MB and possibly the odd PB?

  • I'd go for VIdal or Tolliso from Bayern

  • Salah. Solid PB winner and mb also. Can only see his MB wins continuing with transfer spec and his current price is still quite cheap imo.

  • I think trying to pick a new low priced MB star is a tough ask. Everyone is trying to find the same. You could say some good prospects / calculated risks are Balotelli if he moves back to England, Dele Alli if he has a barnstorming World Cup, and maybe De Gea if a big Man Utd to Real transfer saga kicks off. Otherwise you probably need a bright young thing en route to a Top 6 English club. If you can wait long enough (2 years?) there's bound to be some Jason Sancho returning home noise.

    But there's no surefire MB magnet or else they'd already be £5+ at the mere prospect of future returns. Eg. Griezmann last summer.

    If you're happy with PB prospects consider the lower priced players at dominant clubs (Bayern, Man C, PSG). Someone in the mould of Di Maria or Alaba.

  • Jack Wilshire is decent value I think , I just brought some. I think he will go to the World Cup, Europa league, contract talks, ticks a lot of boxes. He was also,2.20 last England games, dropped off since then.

  • can't go wrong with Pogba

  • @Shane-Rolo I would say potentially emre can win his contract undecided. He's been picking up some mb points and has won pb. The thing is it could very quickly be over mb wise depending on how long it drags through summer

  • I hold Neymar, Kane, Salah and Pogba. You can't go wrong with those four, plus Messi and Ronaldo. My only slight concern with Ronaldo is his age - one serious leg break could be career ending, while the others are generally young enough to recover and return (even if it takes them a year to do so).

    Pogba is an absolute MB beast. His PB stats are poorer than the other five, but then again he's significantly cheaper!

  • @ocs123 ronaldo very rarely gets injured.

  • @ScoutMaster

    True, but it only takes one poor tackle or piece of bad luck.

  • Salah has been by far my best dividend returns but if he moves to real he'll not get as many. I'd say for the next few months Pogba should pick up quite a few and with transfer rumours his price should stay high. I'd say he's the most likely to return all through the summer

  • In my opinion it's tough to predict future MB stars (world cup aside) personally if I was gonna take a punt on a future MB star I'd go balotelli currently around the 1.44 mark. Has seen a pretty strong rise recently tho and his MB potential pretty much solely depends on a move back to the prem. I don't hold him atm but have my eye on him for transfer rumours of prem clubs sniffing round him. Good scoring record this season should get some attention

  • If you want alternative MB's to the expensive Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar's of this world I would suggest you go for someone that is likely to be in the transfer news once the season is out.... Eden Hazard for example seemingly always linked to Real Madrid when there's nothing else to talk about? A cheaper option could be Icardi who I hear is fancied at the Bernabeau? Naby Keita has already signed for Liverpool and that would all but guarantee him a few days of MB during the summer.... Maybe look out for the next player on Arsenal's radar... Or United or City's next transfer target? Because anyone that does go in the summer to one of the 'big clubs' will certainly get their name in the papers (so MB buzz opportunities) which should also lead to a rise in value.

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