Which league will start next - Poll

  • I've been looking at that worldometer site. If you scroll down to the day by day stats on new confirmed cases and deaths, you can see that across the 2 figures, all 3 are still some way off Germany, but are going in the right direction and from the figures provided, there can be absolutely no doubt that Italy is some way ahead of Italy and Spain.

    I've had a good look and can say that Italy today, is roughly were Germany was on 20/4.

    Spain whilst worse than Italy, is a close match for the German figures of 18/4. Germany appears to have made good strides between these 2 dates, which is particularly interesting because Italys figures have come down significantly in the last 2 days. I'll be looking at Spain over the next 2 days to see if they do the same, if so it may be that a pattern emerges.

    Anyway, Italy seem about 20 days behind Germany. Therefore I wouldn't be suprised if there was a meeting in Italy before the end of May, with a view to a resumption of footy some time around 6/6. I'm gonna refer to that as D day!

  • Why isn't Germany on the poll?

  • @Tom7471 said in Which league will start next - Poll:

    Why isn't Germany on the poll?

    I thought it would be fair to assume that, had i included it then 95% of the poll would have been votes for Germany thus rendering the poll meaningless.

  • Italy and Spain are nearly on the same page on coronavirus and football return. Italy reached its peak a few days before Spain, but Spain recovers a bit faster. I think Spain will resume before or in the same week as Italy.

  • Hate to sound negative but I can see Germany starting and stopping pretty soon afterwards and it will put the nail in the coffin for other countries. I feel if they all agreed to resume or look to resume say like August/September not so rushed we would all be in a bit better place (hopefully) and be in step with each other.

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