Jean Philippe (Hakuna) Mateta 🤔

  • Not going to lie surprised this guy hasn’t had a bit more love since the resumption of the Bundesliga was announced? Hoping for some debate/reasoning whether to invest more in him or what has stopped others?

    22 years old ✅
    16g 4a in his 46 appearances for lowly Mainz ✅
    Had interest from 5 PL clubs last summer ✅
    He has stated his desire to move this Summer ✅
    Mainz boss confirmed top clubs interested and Covid 19 wont impact on transfer✅

    So obviously I hold but was looking at investing in other bundesliga prospects under £1.50 but some are likely to be for IPD holds and then drop in price over the summer whereas a player like Mateta could actually increase over the summer especially if the English links reappear so topping up on him now and nabbing any bonus IPD from a player actively looking to impress other clubs might be the way to go? 🤔

  • I’d wait for the inevitable drop once people realize he is banned for the next game

  • @NewUser455434 maybe although only a 1 match ban I’d like to think most people have already factored that in but who knows

  • He has something like 59 goals in 128 league games. He was at four different youth teams and four different senior teams by age 21. He’s capped at youth level. He scores goals, doesn’t stay in one place too long, wants out, speaks his mind... ultimately he has both attitude and goal scoring ability and yes PL teams will be looking. So he’s suspended for one game!

    I’ve got 100 shares at £1.15 or so average cost. Come on J-P!

  • I hold him also, he does seem to have an attitude problem so hopefully this doesn’t hold him back.

  • I guess maybe not talked about as much as he's already had a significant rise in the last few weeks. Maybe best to watch for a dip tho and getting on then or topping up. Room to grow regardless

  • @inoffthepost yeah I mean he dropped 30p after being sent off and football being postponed so I’d like to think the soft money has gone but you never know some people may still be unaware he is suspended for a game! I just see so many positives as an FI hold! Let’s be honest 1 club players with exemplary attitudes don’t make the most profitable holds so I like that he is the opposite 😂

  • I think he's over priced anyway. I was on him before Christmas during his return from injury and was watching his performances and stats intently. Nothing more than an IPD striker.

    He's 1.22. Why should he cost any more than Gerard Moreno 1.13, Callum Wilson 1.03 or Jhon Cordoba at Koln 99p?

  • @Lukeroro 0_1589039935667_AA9FBF38-57C5-4D0D-8AED-3AC38710B852.jpeg

    What separates them is
    5 years in Age
    Better minutes per goal ratio
    And Transfer links to better sides

  • @Kemo20 Okay. To be fair, Newcastle and Southampton could be seen as "better clubs" than Mainz, the Tottenham links were under Poch and evaporated when Jose turned up. Last summer Wilson was linked with Chelsea and Utd but a poor year for Bournemouth and injury problems haven't helped.

    No real international prospects with Griezmann, Moussa Dembele and more ahead of him. Wilson in and around the England squad before injury and Moreno potentially Spain's number 9 as Rodrigo cannot kick in a straight line.

    The age thing does make a big difference for me, but I don't ever see Mateta winning dividends PB or MB, therefore he has an inflated price based on age and hype and will only ever be worth a few pennies per month in IPDs.

    The argument is he will rise on hype, but I'd err on the side of caution now that he's over 1.20

  • This is exactly my reason for the topic I wanted constructive debate so appreciate you taking the reply 👍

    Just to clarify I was thinking more recent transfer links to Napoli & Sevilla from January both of which I’d see as good moves for him obvs I’d prefer to see him in the prem given the choice! I think if that happens he will be an MB contender! As for PB he is never going to win regularly but he is likely to move to a better side who will create more chances so he should at least have better opportunities to win PB than with his current club

    Internationally not a hope in hell he becomes a regular for France unless about 15 strikers retire but I’m also not saying he will get to £4+ just think there is a degree of growth in his price

  • I own Mateta, been on since £1.07 and have since topped up to £1.13. I still think he holds some value, but @lukeroro made some good, constructive points. Pretty much a glorified IPD hold at this point, however does have age + transfer spec on his side. From what I've seen from him, he looks good. Certainly lacking in average PB scores but he has a good goals - game ratio. I would classify him a medium term hold, hopefully can get 25% CA on him before letting him go. Still a good hold nonetheless!

  • @Kemo20 said in Jean Philippe (Hakuna) Mateta 🤔:

    This is exactly my reason for the topic I wanted constructive debate so appreciate you taking the reply 👍

    We don't have enough of this! People are too defensive on any internet site or forum.

    25% is probably doable but you're gonna need to exit on the hype of his transfer move. Look at how tough it's been for Munir and Munas Dabbur at Sevilla, Dabbur is already out on loan at Hoffenheim. I don't really know the Napoli situation. But there would be hype on a move to a team in European competition or to a prem team, I'm just unsure if he ever hits that height again.

    There is also an argument that if he scores goals and has an attitude problem you could have a Balotelli-esque media magnet but we're a long way from there.

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