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  • Hi All, fairly newby here, been on 2 weeks and loving it, just a quick question if I may. When I have been researching players I have been going to loads of websites and news outlets, what my question is does anyone have a go to website that they look at first before they go to any other website or do they have a list of 5 sites or areas they look at and forget any other as its just a waste of time??

    My main areas that i use are whoscored, opta, transfermarket and twitter



  • @Iron-Iron-Iron they are all useful but I really recommend u download the sofascore app which I've found to be extremely useful. Also it's always worth having a butchers on footyindexscout

  • @Iron-Iron-Iron

    I use the two following websites for research into PB and MB scores.

    Plenty of content on the free to use areas. The tables are very detailed and a bit fiddly, much easier on a desktop or a laptop rather than phone or tablet. The database is massive so I normally search by team first rather than player.

    A bit less detail but still useful is:

    This gives last 5 PB scores and best 5 PB scores. Ignore dividends yields as they are out of date and not adjusted for various dividends increases (well that used to be the case). Some foreign players harder to find due to accents over certain parts of the name, but if you search first and/or last name you should find everyone.

    On matchdays I use sofascore and whoscored apps to monitor team line ups, goals, assists, bookings and substitutions.

    Welcome and enjoy 😊

  • If you like spreadsheets then sign up for a free trial to Index Edge. You can get two weeks access to their spreadsheet and it's incredible.

  • SofaScore and IndexGain are essentials for me.

  • If you are interested in really getting into the platform, you need to look no further than Indexgain..

  • I came across this site on twitter. It must be fairly new but runs some more "who is" articles that I find interesting along with lists of players to consider.

  • @ACBlue Apparently Bruno Fernandes is one of 5 players to avoid on FI. The others being Messi, Ronaldo, Tammi Abraham and Bale

  • @JB fair to say you need to use any tips alongside your own personal knowledge too!

    Personally wouldn't touch Bale. Can see him following the money, which won't be good for anything but a couple of media days.

  • Great info guys, thanks very much for the help

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