Leipzig defence

  • With no injuries who plays
    They play a back 5, who starts at lwb and who starts at rwb.

  • Back 3 - Upamecano, Halstenberg and Klostermann

    Wing backs - Angelino and Mukiele

    Going by their previous 5 games prior to COVID.

  • Last time I watched them Klostermann played on the right of a 3 with Mukiele down the right and Angelino on the left. If course this will be percieved as a negative for Klostermann but I actually think the outer CB's in a 3 are the lesser known cheat code and seem capable of good bases. Tah does the same for Leverkusen. That night Klostermann only missed out on PB because Angelino put up an excellent score

    If they continued with those 3 in them roles, you would think Halstenberg may miss out, but Klostermann is a Bayern Munich target and I cant see them going into next season with all 4 personally. It may be that Halstenberg gets a move or they do not sign Angelino. In answer to your question I reckon orban would start along with Upamecano should they hold onto him and Halstenberg will take one of the wing back berths with Mukiele and Konate probably the2 to miss out. But I think 2 will move, 1 being upamecano and the other maybe Klostermann

  • Lots of games and 5 subs allowed so could be a lot of variables over the matches and ninety minutes.

    I’m more concerned with Forsberg and Poulsen getting on the pitch, earning big transfers then top scoring at the Euros!

  • Yeah Halstenburg and upa are guaranteed tbh, the only thing I was thinking is konate is back and played most games last season

  • @MickTurbo if u could hold two Leipzig defenders and best value who would h go for?

  • Don't hold either but I've heard journalists on talksport say they think konate is possibly better than upamecano so I'd say both would be guaranteed CBs. To fill in around them I can only guess Angelino(lwb) klostermann (rcb) Mukiele (rwb) but idk

  • @Jdog well I do hold Klostermann and I am considering getting involved with Konate. The reason being that a year ago he was considered more or less an equal to Upamecano but has been de-railed by injury but with Upamecano on a lot of clubs radars and Konate back from injury, if he can get upto speed he could very quickly make his current price look an absolute steal. May have to nudge him up my wish list actually

  • RBL were ravaged by injuries to their centre half's prior to Convid-19.

    If everything is back to normal, Halstenberg goes back to LWB & Angelino sits on the bench. Klostermann/Umpa are the other certain starter's.

  • @Ericali I think I’ll keep hold of halstenburg in hope he plays lwb as the upside outweighs the downside for me. Hoping klostermann can play rwb too but again he’s not inflated atm for me

  • Klosterman and Halstenberg were the favoured wing backs for much of the season. You can go on flashscore or whatever and go back and see that they prefer to lineup with Halstenberg LWB and either Klosterman or Mukiele as RWB with the other always playing on the right of a back 3. The back 3 would usually be a mix of Mukiele/Klosterman/Konate/Upacemenco/Orban. They lined up like this for most of their toughest fixtures such as Bayern and Dortmund in Bundesliga.

    So I would say:

    LWB - Halstenberg
    LCB - Upamecano
    CB - Konate
    RCB - Mukiele
    RWB - Klosterman

    Their strongest lineup. At the start of the season I would have put Orban ahead of Upa, but I don't think that would be the case now. Angelino doesn't get a look in, he was just bought in for cover as far as I can tell, same for Ampadu.

  • Konate starts when fit

  • @FarkeBall-Index that’s what I like to hear cos I hope halsteburg returns to lwb and klostermann rwb but it’s all guess work till the weekend

  • @DillyDong Upamecano is suspended for first game.

  • On the topic of injuries, Nagelsmann has said Orban and Konate are unlikely to be fit enough for the first game back, so it looks like we won't be able to find out who his preferred back 5 is just yet.

  • @Voetbal a game or two in we will see tho which is good news. I imagine konate will be back in and upamencano suspended for a game so with both of them back playing probably within 2 weeks we shall see. I don’t see angelino staying in the team with all of them centre backs to play if I’m being honest

  • This thread just broke a dream ! Last night I dreamt Klostermann scored early!


  • @ScouseSte More importantly, was he playing right-back or centre-back?!

  • @Voetbal

    Right back mate. 👍

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