Gains in 24hr?

  • Even with my portfolio rising its still saying I'm at a loss of 24hr. But I know I'm not. I'm moved up a few pounds since mid day and still saying minus £1 odd. Anyone else getting this. Not the first time I've seen this either.

  • Wouldn't stress it, your 24hr gains fluctuate so much anyways, its your over all gains thats the important one, and even they fluctuate, only gains you need to be concerned are the players you bout to flip, everything else is irrelevant really if your holding forMB PB

  • The 24hr thing seems to ignore any players you've purchased within the last 7 days, I think. So if you buy a player now and he rises 10p straight away that won't be reflected in the 24hr %. That's what I think is happening anyway. One of the many quirks of the website.

  • Actually that's not even true. A player I bought on 20th March has risen 7p today yet my 24hr is 0.00%. No idea what's going on. As @SMacFI says though it's not especially important, and the all time % will always be right.

  • Is the 7 day one working? Mine says zero yet I should be in profit

  • Mine hasn’t worked (both 7 day and 24hour) since I signed up 3 weeks ago. I thought it might be just mine but the tech team know

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