Never Heard of Him

  • Quite literally mate. I don't do this sort of thing often but I'm bored. I haven't bought this fella yet so I pump ye not. Just came across Pierre Lees-Melou of Nice. I don't remember his being mentioned on the Forum in the past although I don't read every thread of course. Attacking midfielder with, according to WhoScored, five goals and six assists this season, second in their Nice player ratings only to Youcef Atal by 0.01 of a point. Twenty-six years of age and seventy eight English pence on the Index. Anyone know about him? Have we missed something or, alternatively, is he at that price for a damn good reason?

  • One of the first players that I bought simply based on a graph that had gone down and I thought there was logic in him getting back from £0.68 or so to £0.90 at least. Think he was in top five assists in Ligue 1 when looked on Who Scored but don’t quote me. Not sure if Nice will be in Europe off top of my head but think they’ve got some investment. Just seemed like an alternative player that would rise at some point thus suiting my style. Not expecting fireworks but fingers crossed.

  • @PaulM a pre-Covid high of 1.05 gives some hope. Although he looks as though he may be one of those players that rises and falls over a weekend on the basis of a goal or two?

  • Been on my watch list for a while seems a decent player going off stats alone.
    Nice should have Europe next year and have a good young squad. Bit worried with the money they have they'll sign a 'big name' and he'll be out the team.

    One I'll probably never buy and then regret it when he hits £1.50!

  • @Le-Blanc I posted about him probably a year ago when he was 34p. He was listed by transfermarkt as a player who was comparable to one of the well known midfield PB players. Might have been sensi, cant remember now but it was somebody like that. He was a slow burner but didny half take off in the end, briefly surpassing a quid. Think he won a bronze day dividend or something and there was a big pile in. Hes one of those who will churn out really good base scores but will hardly ever post a big peak so hes not really that fashionable anymore as the market seems more interested in players who will post a handful of mega scores a season even if they're doing very little in between, which is correct in my view

  • @MickTurbo Think he was compared to Teji Savanier. He was a very slow burner last year, I eventually got about 10p rise but missed the PB win and big rises.

  • @Martyn-B yeh I think you're correct actually. It was Teji

  • Thanks Gentlemen. Probably not my particular cup of tea I think. I tend to go for those with longer term growth prospects rather than the flippers and floppers. If he was a bit younger I might have had a go at him. I'll keep him on the watch list though, see if people latch on to him.

  • I probably did what a few others have done and seen his peaks and he has now seemed to have bottomed out so got involved. I’ve held for about 6 weeks and I’ve seen no movement on him. Hopeful that I’ll make some profit prior to start of next season when others perhaps do a little research.

    Looks a nice player from clips I’ve seen.

  • part of my 100% club, bought at 40p possibly off @MickTurbo s tip ? sold half when he hit 100% still holding 150

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