Daley Blind

  • Out of contract this year and sitting at 65p at the moment . Surely there's going to be a few teams interested come the end of the season. Potential riser ?

  • I would say at his current price he offers good value for a low risk punt.... If he gets a move to a top five league he might offer some PB value as he likes to pass the ball, takes a lot of set plays and can get the odd goal??? Problem is if he goes back to Ajax that will limit his PB potential to the odd Thursday night so not as appealing??? Low risk though and a player who's certainly better than his value suggests which is largely down to the fact we've all (including Mourinho) forgot that he ever existed!!!

  • Very true im a united fan and I'd pretty much forgotten he existed. I missed the boat on a few of the out contract players can and balotelli already had decent rises. Other guy I was thinking of was de vrij but at double the price seems a higher risk.

  • @Kaned-again De Vrij has already agreed a pre contract and will stay in Italy so don't think you'll see a transfer based rise on him. As for Blind, I can't see him rising much as he's a defender. If he does it will be pennies but that's all in my opinion. I could be wrong but I'd avoid it.

  • @Kaned-again I cant see much value in this personally, I would suggest much better options IMO

  • @John-Renwick Ah fair play i wasn't aware he'd already signed a pre contract appreciate the info.

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