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  • So guys just a quick one as I’ve never done it before : so I have a portfolio players rashford , jovic , maxamin 1,000 shares in each that’s my strategy amount of shares to hold in each player (1000), my question is I have a watchlist of about 7 players needing around 20k to complete , worked this out would take me the best part of a year if prices were stagnant which I don’t expect to happen. Do you think I’d have more success buying 100 shares at a time in these players rather than 1000 at a time. If you use this strategy could anyone post some results so I can compare if it would be faster portfolio growth in my method or the later.

    Just read that through instead of editing player on my watchlist are a mix of mb pb and ca

  • @Lloyddavies ambitious project, fair play to you.

    Personally I’d be starting to pick up those in small amounts and use any dividends to top up while you wait to invest more. Clearly going for those in a dip will save you cash and increase CA whilst those earning dividends currently would give you extra funds daily/weekly.

  • @Lloyddavies

    Why 1000 in each player?

    And why the lack of flexibility? A player may be value for money now and in a year's time be overpriced and difficult to shift.

  • Even though my OCD keeps me awake at night I'd rather have 289 futures in a player I like than the money in the bank. As you get more money buy more to get to that nice round 1000 or £10 every time he moves a penny. Ah OCD satisfied and you've made more money.

  • Just a simple chocolate flake for me please

  • @Lloyddavies my minimum hold is 750 and max hold is 10000 with various figures in between, when a player moves in price it can be scary but also rewarding and the divs are great

  • I believe you would be better off balancing the value of assets you hold in each player instead of the amount of shares.

    ie better to have £1000 (for example) invested into each player instead of 1000 shares in each player.

    If you do it balancing shares you are going to have a lopsided port, you will be exposed to much greater risk on some players than others.

    Just my opinion.

  • Funny reading these different strategies. I enjoy having a diverse port (about 90 atm). My average hold size is about 125 shares and I don't have more than 500 in any player.

    I will top up heavily if I think someone is about to rise significantly (e.g. Bruno and Kane in recent months) but generally do it on a running basis with proceeds from divs and sales.

    I have to say the diverse port strategy is a little less fun without the football on as there's only about 10 or 15 players I hold who are ever winning MB whereas normally I love following the fixtures during the week as I usually have a dog in the fight.

    Looking forward to the Bundesliga return as that's about a third of my port.

  • @peacebeuponme

    This makes a lot of sense to me.

    I feel like you've got to fancy yourself to get it right more often than not.

    If you hold the same stake in every player and manage this apart from a minor disaster you can't go wrong.

  • I like to hold a minimum of 300 shares in a player. But I’ve got 15 holds at the minute which I think is a good amount so that I can easily track them while still having enough interest each match day.

  • @Lloyddavies don’t listen to them. A solid block of players at 1000 shares would be a beautiful thing to behold. Currently all my players are 600, apart from the ones I’m topping up with divs. These have hideous figures like 341 or 219....which makes me wince every time I see them. I often can’t wait for the divs to take them to the promised land of 600, and have to bang in money to do it- which completely defeats the purpose of topping up with dividends 🤔

  • Thanks for all the advice guys the reason for 1,000 shares in each is I like these facts every 1p rise is £10 profit and it makes divs worth while 1st place right now would pay out £50 nice round number and I take it as a player completed once I hit 1,000 shares , future plan on is once port is complete and I think a player has hit ceiling price sell buy 1,000 of next player withdraw profits like a rinse and repeat obviously with good choices I’m was hoping that strategy would help me to withdraw as I find myself constantly re investing rather than withdrawing

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