• Hey all,

    There's a few people on here who have mentioned about betting, used to put accas on etc. Just wanted to put this out there for anyone that might be interested. The app is called Winzap and if you do sign up, I'd appreciate you using my username as a referral - FranklynMary
    It's a betting app where you put on 'zaps' (bets) on who you think will win. If you win and get enough points to put you into the top 5, you get a cash prize. So you can put accas on for higher points and all you need is one decent 5-6 game acca and you'd probably win to be honest. Or several lower risk bets.
    It's 30 credits (You can bet with 1 credit or up to 10 credits per zap) for every round of matches and it resets everytime there's a new round of matches. The rewards are not as high as proper accas and if you win but don't get enough overall points, you won't get cash. But it's a way for people to get their betting fix and to do it for free (you make it eligible for a cash reward by watching 30 second ads before placing a zap) and they only take card details off you to pay you if you win.
    A lot of people might not be interested but for anyone who enjoys putting a bet on, it's a way to do it for free and still get a cash reward, albeit not 6 digits big but it's still something!

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