How much does FI do deposit bonuses?

  • Has anyone got a list or how many times FI have done deposit bonuses or anyone got a rough idea? In like the last year or so

  • Just going to pump this again see if anyone can help

  • @TDOG in the 9 months I've been on here I'd say I've prob seen 3 or 4 deposit or net buy bonuses

  • Usually around 3 a year. But varies

  • @Ddr @Valhalla Cheers guys-have they always been after a drop in the market?

  • @TDOG not always, no

  • @TDOG

    Prior to the most recent deposit bonus the deposit bonuses had been 5% bonuses but only for smaller, random groups of traders. Think they did this 3 or 4 times and I got the bonus on the final one. Wasn't too popular as traders felt they were missing out, but I liked them, kept areas of the market ticking over without the big crash usually seen at end of promotions. I felt this was the direction deposit bonuses were heading unless catastrophic events occur.

  • @Martyn-B nice one mate, I remember that 5% one but I had just signed up to the platform so didn’t take advantage of it.

  • seem to have 3 logged on my port tracker since July. 2 big market ones and one for 'selected customers only' that did the rounds.

    In my 2 years, there have been lots...begs the question why deposit outside of a bonus period?! I have stopped doing so.

  • @Westy do you think there will be a PB matrix change before 20/21 season?

  • @Collymore10 that's a sore point with me so apologies in advance for the rant...

    if they do, I think I will pretty much leave, I think one of the well known whales may do so too, at best I'd move to just playing with profit. The amount of changing they do whilst also preaching "long term bets" does my head in. My long term bets have been changed umpteen times in just 15 months.

    There's been enough moaning about this matrix favouring certain players I wouldn't be surprised if they do try and tweak it. But every time I have pressed the issue with them they have assured me there are no planned changes (I have screen shots!), but without an official statement I just don't trust it one bit.

    I've said it many times, if I knew the rules were set for a long period I'd chuck all my money in, there's great Yields to be had... Its the constant change that makes me reluctant to do so. Big money investors I know are also totally put off the product due to this. There will always be certain players that stand out on any matrix, I don't see what good comes from changing it again. In fact those moaning about it base their argument that Trent wins defender too much... That's an investors dream to know certain holds will do well, just buy them!!! We don't want pb to be more of a roulette, we need to attract big money that just wants to dump it in and let it farm dividends. Change only benefits fi and those traders that are bitter they didn't get on Trent et al earlier and refuse to pay the going price, so try to do all they can to get the matrix changed. Its a money maker for FI (shake the money tree tactic)

    When making a bet on here you just have to understand you are betting on 3 things... What FI will do, what the player will do and what the market will do.

    One of their rules is that they have the right to change the rules at anytime... So it's very difficult to go long term confidently.

    If they set the pb matrix in stone for a set term e. G. 3 years, then I think they'd gain big whales, which should then make them more money longterm rather than cheap tricks like shaking the tree every quarter.

    I know @EJ on twitter often argues similar points to me. Would be interested to hear if he thinks they will tweak it again and if so what he will do?

    Can only hope with order books and mb being sorted out this summer they are too busy to do pb as well!

  • @Westy thanks for the reply mate!

  • @TDOG

    They tend to do a couple of big ones a year, often interspersed with some smaller or ad hoc ones, these tend to be reactive to things like FI cock ups (as an apology) or periods of market stagnation/falling. The one proactive, most reliable & predictable one is their "Birthday Bonus" to celebrate their founding anniversary, usually 3rd week in Sept, previously 21st Sept 2018 & 24th Sept 2019 (£10k@10% + £10k@5%).

    Plenty complain about false market rises & skewing investor depositing behaviour but i think once or twice a year a cash bonus, usually upto a few £grand, is on balance a positive thing & certainly encourages me to deposit more than would otherwise be the case (within responsible & affordable limits of course). As they grow the platform I can see them being phased out & certainly making them more sophisticated, already gone from deposit to net spend, but I think that the Sept one will be last man standing eventually, so if it's important to you aim for that deadline would be my advice.

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